TJD X Defgrip Mix

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Check out a mix edit from the TJD crew for Defgrip featuring Matty Long, Chris Childs, Dan Foley, Craig Passero, and Garrett Reeves!

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12 responses to “TJD X Defgrip Mix”

  1. Josh says:

    That was awesome. Rail hop 360, what!

  2. Alex says:

    TJD fresh goods

  3. andrew ohio says:

    ahh that helps me go to sleep …. and hopefully when i wake up tomorrow my trails will still be there and i dont have to ride my bike off a bridge and kill myself

  4. Sean Zubek says:

    Sooo good

  5. suburban shredding

  6. Jeff DuPaul says:

    thanks all who liked it

  7. kyle says:

    kids are getting good. banger at the end was so ill

  8. if you listen real close after the banger…you can hear Denny start to say, “Hey you have any spokes??” hahahah….we were like “dude garrett just 360’d over a rail!!”

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