RIDE UK # 129

The new Ride UK has dropped, an in conjunction with that, is the above edit from shooting the cover. The last move is bananas. Click below to check out the cover in full.

Thanks to Robin Fenlon for the heads up.

8 responses to “RIDE UK # 129”

  1. Purposefully anonymous. says:

    The Stephen Murray interview makes you really realise why no-one gave a shit about him before his injury. He comes across as a complete dick – endlessly talking about who he fought (Generally giving them a suckerpunch, nice), what drinking/drugs he did, who he fucked around, etc. I obviously don’t wish that he had that accident, but how come people who previously didn’t give a shit about some dirt jumper suddenly thought he was the second coming of Christ? He’s not the only person to go through such an injury (Albeit not from riding, but still), and he’s not the last – and from the sounds of that interview he’s also not the one that people should be bleating on about.

  2. shithawk1 says:

    this aint even in wh smith. whats the bloody point?

  3. Joshua says:

    Whsmith normally stock Ride UK.

  4. Alex says:

    That banger was gnarlz

  5. It might just be me but does anyone else think they used the wrong shot for the cover? Okay the rail might be pretty gnarr but the bb grind/rotation could be been a way more visually interesting cover – interesting variation & super vivid colours.

    Currently it’s just another rail, albeit a big, steep, tech one.

    Don’t care that type either.

  6. Sorry, that should be “Don’t care for that type either.”

  7. Mexican John says:

    Ben Lewis is amazing!

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