Grotesk is an artist/designer that I’ve been psyched on for a while now. I really like his style. It’s simple, fun and definitely signature. I especially like anything that has text involved. With that said, Click below to check out a quick Q&A with Grotesk.

Also, Be sure to check out the new Juxtapoz, which happens to have a nice feature on Grotesk as well.

For those who may not familiar with you, please tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Kimou Meyer aka Grotesk, I am a swiss “designer,artist” living in Brooklyn since 1999. I am the creative director at Zoo York, and also a consultant for fashion companies and ad agencies.

With being a Switzerland / New York transplant, do you find that your surroundings in NYC have a big impact on what you create?
I got the design foundation of my work in Switzerland and Europe and the energy , evolution and inspiration of it from the Street of New York.

Cities can be heavy on signage and text driven images, which is also evident in your work. Do you find equal enjoyment between doing graphics versus straight up text stuff?
I don’t have any preferences, what matters is “how can render an idea the best?” I sketch doodles in my sketch book and I quickly can tell what will be the best graphic answer.

What is your design process like? Do you start off with images, or do you just freestyle illustrations?
Again, it depends on the idea, project. I always walk around with my camera around my neck or in my pocket to make sure I can snap something that is happening… I have a “best of folder” of images that speak to me. I have many images, and once in a while I look at it and pick something to build an illustration. 60% of my work is still from just sketching in my black book. I also listen, read,watch a lot of news and this is also a big source of inspiration.

What is your favorite medium to work in?
I love silk screen and drawing with pencils. Unfortunately, my schedule is so crazy nowadays (full time job,big freelance projects,family with 2 kids) that I end up most of the time do a rough sketch in my book that I scan and clean in illustrator with the wacom palette. However, I am working on a series of things in the hope to put a show together in 2010 of drawings.

If we were to look at your desk/work station, what would we see?
Piles of shit, haha. Stickers, markers, empty bottles, bills, magazines, photos, pantone fan, piles of cd’s, sketchbook, etc…. I am not the cleanest person when projects are on.

What has been your most rewarding project?
The one that hasn’t happen yet, and that will be better than the last most rewarding…


Your “Wannabe Bike Messenger” graphic was pretty funny. Was that strictly satirical, or partially a jab?
Was both.

Are there any current projects you are working on that you would care to spill the beans about?
I just finished a 140+ pages book with Ginko Press and Upper Playground that will kind of be a recap of my last decade in New York. I have some big Nike collaboration about to drop this July and I am working on a big project for September (hit me back in September )

Thanks! Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
Peace out to my friends, Gorey, Handselecta, Left, Woods, Skuf, SP, Mare, Samy, Calvin, Nar,Tester, Seamus, Ben, JustinK, Green, AdamG, Lowrider, Gee, Parra, KR, KET.



Images via Grotesk blog, myspace, Juxtapoz.

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