Check out THIS online mag out of Portugal. You should lay off the Port wine while flipping through.

7 responses to “PHOTOBMX MAG”

  1. nick says:

    how about the madeira wine?

  2. nuno says:

    Never heard about Madeira wine, haha… Porto wine and Favaios are de best 🙂

  3. nick says:

    HAHA dude Madeira wine is crazy. In New Bedford, MA at the Madeira Feast, shit is crazy, partly due to the consumption of Madeira Wine. Also, Blue Oyster Cult played one year and Les Zeppelin, the all lesbian Zeppelin tribute band. I wish I was going this year, it’s so fun and the mallasada is amazing. Oh yeah, the photo book is sweet.

  4. intrikat says:

    Stoked to see the Melo brothers getting coverage, they’re both very cool, humble and creative. I was fortunate enough to ride with Erico in Helsinki and Pedro in Koln, they ride nothing like each other or anyone else. Pedro did 180 Hop to Bkwrds Manual to 180 Whopper on flat in 04, I think it was, not exactly sure on that date. Would love to see some recent video footage of both.

  5. nuno says:

    Melo brother are super nice and super friends, Pedro now riders to much street on is flatland bike, here is a small clip of him…

  6. intrikat says:

    Thanks for the link Nuno.

  7. Dacia says:

    And this is an funding danger worth taking.