New Ride BMX just came through. Click below for the full cover, and go HERE for all the info.

9 responses to “NEW RIDE BMX #158”

  1. Such a dope cover, lovin it!

  2. Red says:

    rad composition on that cover! hmmm…what’s under those pallets?

  3. i think they put trashcans underneath lol, pretty wild setup, allan cooke got street moves yo

  4. sfh says:

    Tony’s crash is a good case for barends. If he didn’t run them he would be dead today. I’ve seen a vid of some random kid crashing and the end of the bars landing stright on a finger. It literally chopped the tip of his finger clean off at the knuckle.

  5. thats the biz says:

    your talking about the wrong crash. this crash that is in the Ride mag is worse than that one on youtube.. this one has nothing to do with bar ends

  6. Cassandra says:

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