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A not so wise person once told me, “Go fast and pull up hard, thats it”. That is the basic idea of BMX and doing any trick.

Well recently, Vince Kroff and I got back to the roots and shot what I call a ski jump/hill bomb, and did exactly that. Vince went very fast down the hill above, and pulled up hard as hell off the curb and floated down the next hill. It was very old school and very fun.

Vince Kroff hop’n curbs in San Diego!

-Matt Colisch

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6 responses to “MATT COLISCH @ RANDOM”

  1. b says:

    there needs to be more of this!

  2. Sean Zubek says:

    Hell yeah!

  3. dirt ron says:

    vince knows whats up!

  4. tammy says:

    fuck yeah matt and vince…thank you for blasting this hill….this day was fun!

  5. Elizbeth says:

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