Lotek Sunday Sesh

Check out a new video from Lotek featuring Rich, Jason Black, Justin Inman, Pauly, and Bruce C.

7 responses to “Lotek Sunday Sesh”

  1. Tony says:

    are these partly filmed with a tilt n shift lens or a lensbaby? either way its sweeeet

  2. ac says:

    rich, whats up with the exposure, u can barely see whats going on … or maybe its on the artsy fartsy side or maybe its just bad filming or ‘c’ none of the above.

  3. c says:

    I think they were going for a “film” kind of vibe with the contrast and colours – and were there frames dropped, deliberately?

  4. Mad animal says:

    mad animal will winn you over

  5. mark m says:

    im down with irie road trip crossovers. i like.

  6. The chris duncan welcome train will run over your asses. maximus
    over drive
    peace to all the haters

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