Here’s a cool edit from Kink’s recent Taiwan team trip, courtesy of Darryl Tocco. I snickered a little at the use of the asian style font, and gong at the beginning.

This features Aaron Smith, Jay Roe, KC Badger, Chris Doyle, Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton & Tony Hamlin.

11 responses to “KINK / TAIWAN EDIT”

  1. darryl says:

    hahah, a cliche’ here or there never killed anyone!

  2. Sean Zubek says:

    Great edit! Those big rollers look fun, and Doyle is nuts!

  3. Ooti says:

    holy shit that was awesome. everyone was firing out awesome stuff.

  4. Andy says:

    That was really awesome

  5. Alex says:

    So damn good. Over crank arm was dank a rangz

  6. MIssionBMX says:

    Taiwan Locals are soooo accomidating. Parks are always fun and empty….. Such a great place to visit..

  7. DavidLang says:

    holy hell, those last three minutes were just straight bangers

  8. Ben says:

    That looked like an awesome trip. I like the fact that everyone was cheering after every single clip…everyone seemed like they were having a ton of fun.

  9. MikeD says:

    that was fucking dope

  10. Danny says:

    holy sh** at the flair

  11. Jerald says:

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