Click below to check out a pretty cool behind the scenes edit from a DC print ad photo shoot, which features Hucker, Tom White, Craig Mast and Rob Wise.

Via – Fit

3 responses to “DC am ADvert / BEHIND THE SCENEs”

  1. Andrew says:

    I really like the ad. Though I’m not too crazy about DC, I still think the ad was pulled off pretty well. The new “lifestyle” or portrait in the Pro team ad is a bit questionable, but this ad was definitely solid. Stoked to see how they did it!

  2. carlito brigante says:

    a bit questionable? i love it. why does even a compliment have to have a diss thrown in. Most of DCs gear isn’t for anyone but who cares, everything else they do is on point.

  3. nanoo.net says:

    And that is an investment threat price taking.