Cru Joness Mixtape


Maicol Chavez, who’s done some stuff with Defgrip in the Real Ninja past, like putting together an amazing Autophoto, has been DJing with his friend Chris Mekdara, under the name Cru Joness and they put a rad mix together for Defgrip. Download and check out all the info after the jump!


“Many people automatically think of the generic techno beat when ever we tell them we DJ electronic music, but they just don’t understand that there is more to it. Just like every genre there are many different styles and yes, it can get repetitive at times and a little boring, but electro is a little bit different than what you would expect. It’s something that can and is mixed with so many other genre’s of music. Indie, hip-hop, rock, 80’s, it just keeps going. It’s all up to the imagination of the producer. We like to dance and we like to party, so one of the things that makes us stand out is the fact that we play faster than your usual DJ. It might take a little bit of getting used too, but it definitely gets you moving and moving quick. We like to push the music we play and sometimes able to turn a club into more of a show. We have fun doing this and can’t wait for it to just get bigger and bigger. Hope you enjoy the mix and we get you moving at least a little if not a lot.”

320kbps –
192kbps –

Track List:

1. Don Diablo & Example – Hooligans (A1 Bassline Remix)
2. Mightyfools – Love You So (Kelevra Remix)
3. Kelevra and Nathan Boon – Like To Freak (DJ Bam Bam Remix)
4. Audio Bullys – Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine & Udachi Remix)
5. Mystery Jets – Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo Remix)
6. Lady Soveign – Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix)
7. Treasure Fingers – Cross The Dance Floor (Laidback Luke Remix)
8. Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick
9. Pin Me Down – Cryptic (Phones Materialisation Remix)
10. London Town – Man Like Me (Foamo Remix)
11. Ce Ce Peniston – Finally (Vandalism Remix)
12. Shwayze – Buzzin (AC Slater Remix)
13. Congorock – Runark
14. Kelevra Featuring Bryan Cox – Leanin & Swervin (Mightfools Remix)
15. The Bloody Beetroots – Warp 1.9
16. Keatch Featuring Gehts Noch – Call It Love
17. Diplo – Wassup Wassup Featuring Rye Rye (Bart Bmore Remix)
18. Christian Sibthorpe – 3 Little Words (A1 Bassline Remix)
19. Edu K – Raver Lovin (Nadastrom Remix)
20. Jack Beats Vs Dynamite MC – What (Dub)
21. M83 – We Own The Sky (Udachi Dubstep Edit)

Real Ninja

5 responses to “Cru Joness Mixtape”

  1. Just a quick note that both download links point to the 320kbps version.

  2. Harrison says:


  3. Max says:

    Just finished playing it at work… Nice mix. Surefire choice of tunes when you want to get something playing but don’t have anybody wanting to do the music all night.

    This is going straight to my iTunes for sure.

  4. jenna says:

    of course chris ends the mix with m83

  5. Nichole says:

    Now it’s time to pick your particular investments.