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London is renowned for its parks and open spaces. Little oases of greenery in the city, where you can (as we witnessed on this Saturday afternoon anyway) fight dogs; sun your pasty white flesh or ingest chemicals until you erratically stamp the ground and scurry around clutching handfuls of foliage.

Kennington bowl lies within the eponymously named park, like an oasis within an oasis, it’s very easy to forget where you are. Built in 1978, it is essentially just a rectangular flatbank bowl with plenty of flat bottom, certainly different to present-day skateparks. If it was a street spot, it would
get blown up, but we took a few visitors from out of town with us and had it all to ourselves.

This picture is of one of those visitors, Bertie Buck, doing a fakie to suicide no hander, a mid-school trick, at an old-school spot, in an era of new school no-handers which look like old-school no-handers.

-Chris Hill-Scott

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One response to “CHRIS HILL-SCOTT @ RANDOM”

  1. dirt ron says:

    sweet perspective on the trick and spot. I dig it.