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Shane Weston could easily film a whole video section on a setup like this. What most people couldn’t do over a box, Shane can do down – or in this case up – a stair set. Just be prepared to hear some choice words shouted from his mouth if things don’t go as planned during a session. Never burdened by negativity, however, you can always expect a smile and laugh, maybe even a line from a Gucci Mane song, as his normal demeanor.

Also, immediately after this photo was taken, a ‘waywardly gentleman’ approached us. Carrying a portable radio blasting Lynyrd Skynyrd, lacking a shirt or groomed hair, and most importantly draped with the Confederate Stars and Bars flag, this man began to defend and justify his affinity for all things Southern as non-racist. His reasoning? “Mexicans tattooed my Dixie Flags.” Naturally.

-Andrew White

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    is that a bump or a hop up?

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