Ben Ward and I cruised out to Arcadia for the annual OS-BMX gathering today. We got there super early to set up a booth and put a bunch of bikes on display. Greyboy was doing the same right next to us.

Overall it was a chill day, and there were some awesome people on hand taking it all in, and/or showing off some classic BMX stuff. Voelker, Parenti and others were shredding some ramps, and Cru Jones was even on hand. Crazy!!

Click below to check out some quick pics of the goods on hand, and hit up the Ride site for a bunch more.

  • kyle

    so fun

  • Alex

    This post needs 69 times more Bill Allen.

  • !! i need like 5 of these for all of my friends that cannot ride a bike!

  • Thanks for coming out, fellas. Real good seeing you.

    Defgrip is runnin’ shit.

  • Some good memories in those photos. Awesome.

  • Every time I see one of those “BMX” headtube stickers I feel like I’m 11 years old again. One of these days I NEED to build an era-correct Supergoose while I’m still (relatively) young enough to ride it.

  • Yeah Hoopty bikes!
    New CDC intro view pretty soon at deco click to see where it is gonna happen!

  • I have many regrets about not making it to this. I want that OSreunion shirt bad!

  • awesome show. too bad i got violently and deathly ill for (18 hours) two hours after i got there

  • Sky

    Cool Hack… Was that original? What is it? Maybe a Thomson Cricket?