Conversation: Shad Johnson, Owner Goods BMX from Souney Media on Vimeo.

Jared Souney put together this little bio on Shad Johnson. Check it out.

via- @jaredsouney

8 responses to “YEAH SHAD!”

  1. Ben Kellgren says:

    Yeah Jared! I’m psyched to see you expanding your arsenal of documentation with video.

  2. dayday says:

    Nicest guy, great shop, always down to talk bmx be it back in the day or yesterday.

  3. darren says:

    Good stuff Shad. Miss ya buddy.

  4. Ryan C. says:

    Nicest dude on the phone, hands down.

  5. Sierra says:

    Shad thanks for helping me out last summer. You saved the day. Stay Gold!

  6. Anne says:

    That is true for funding advice as effectively.