If you browse through the newest Ride BMX, there is a sweet 2 page Nigel/Gatorade spread.

In the fine print, there is a link to a Gatorade site which has THIS EDIT of Nigel.

Gatorade, Call me!!!!! We need some for the Defgrip office.


  1. going with the debate over the last few posts… if there is anything big money sponsors have brought us it’s nice videos via HD cameras, good shooters and producers, etc.

    “it’s easy on the eyes”

  2. patrick says:

    @Alexander – It is true that the bigger money makes some flashy videos but for the sake of discussion there are a lot of true bmx brands producing really good videos with all the good kit; Mutiny, Odyssey, Lotek, 4Down, etc… The Federal edit next to this post may be SD but it is a really good video and its made by bmxer.

    I’d say that DIY is a part of bmx and it is better to have it come from the heart, so to speak.

  3. jb says:

    whats the name of the audio track? super chill.

  4. navaz says:

    The track is called “the controllers” by No Sleep

  5. Drew K says:

    Id much rather see grimy DIY stuff from people like the banned in orlando, metal, animal ect. Thats true bmx. When bmx gets in another slump like the early/mid 90’s thats all thatll be left. BMX is turning inot skating, not cool.

  6. Andrew says:

    BMX goes into another slump? BMX is only going up. Speculation of freestyle being in the Olympics, a BMX only event in the one biggest cities in the country…believe me, despite more corporate prescence in BMX these days, the core/rider owned ethos is strong in BMX. Once a kid starts seriously riding, he realizes that the rider owned brands are cooler than the corporate ones, and buys from them. I don’t know a single kid on a “corporate owned” company bike who is serious about riding.

    By the way, the “I’m so core, corporate sponsors be damned” mentality is lame as fuck. There is no serious argument against corporate involvement in BMX these days.

  7. Drew K says:

    Im not saying BMX is going into a slump any time soon, its obvious it won’t for a while. But when it does all the big corperate companies will jump ship.
    I guess my main greivence is that bmx might eventually turn into sakting. I dont want it all over MTV and in the malls. Thats much more lame than my “corperate sponsors be damned mentality.”

  8. Good little edit, Gatorade picked a prime dude to work with. Nigel shreds!

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