Mike Mastroni cooked up a rad edit for us, which I am pretty excited about. Dude’s rad and does nice work.

  • Really nice, the riding and most of the filming was right on. Wasn’t really into the song though, maybe after I give it another go.

  • Yeah Mike!

  • bobby kanode

    so fuckin good mike.

  • Ryan

    So good dude. Cant get the ipod download to work though.

  • Harrison

    what’s happening with the iPod version? can you download it at all?

  • Kyle

    Riding was awesome. I’m not completely sure how I feel about the filming and editing though. There is something about it that I can quite put my finger on. I’ll have to watch it a few more times. What was this shot on?

  • ac

    mike what dollie are you using and do you use tracks? i am pretty sure that in at least one shot the surface was rugged, yet the camera motion is so smooth (i guess asking if you carry cardboard with you would sound silly) …
    i wish you would take someone with you to push the rig though, i am not sure tracking shots, used as establishing shots, followed by a couple of steady shots with the actual riding is a good combo .. well, at least not when used repeatedly.
    i really enjoyed the footjam whip … ‘scene’ … though.
    otherwise, good job, great riding; the low point – adam22’s filming … as the shittalk must (re)commence

  • That was fuckin on point! Top notch shreddin, awesome spots, awesome work on the edit. Yesssss!

  • francis

    I didn’t realize it until about the 3rd of 4th one but I really dug the establishing shots. It gave me time to imagine stuff that could be done at the spot before watching somebody shred their interpretation of it. Overall, nice visuals and great work!

    That long bench / rock setup gave me a 6:37am boner.

  • Garrett Reeves

    That turned out amazing mike good job!

  • Nuno

    I enjoyed seeing that park on Long Island that i used to ride at too. flashbacks….

  • OT

    I loved the tracking shots used as establishing shots. Awesome edit… incredibly smooth riding, great quality and good camera work IMO. I can kinda see what ac said about following the tracking shots with steady shots, but I don’t think it spoiled it or anything.

  • Yo Mike,

    That was awesome, great shots. Some of the clips with the lighting setup looks real nice, and nice use of dolly considering your filming alone alot.
    A lot of familiar places I see there, your gonna have to bring me to a couple of those rails, ;).


  • thanks everyone. AC, the dolly i used was nothing more than two 10 foot pvc pipes as a track and a wooden platform with some gel rollerblade wheels on it that hug the pipes. heres a photo if you can make it out: http://twitpic.com/4ckp2
    i just throw the tripod on the platform and it glides nice. but you’re right, the ground does need to be relatively smooth

  • that was so fresh, had me stoked

  • Matt d

    fuck yeah

  • Kyle

    What camera did you shoot with?

  • Perfect in every way.

  • big fan of his edits

  • was just wondering when I’d see something from this guy again, and as usual, not disappointed. <3 u mike mastroni!

    are u still st8edge?

  • strappy

    NICE ! WOW, I love that song.

  • Sean Zubek

    Ridiculously good.

  • thanks dudes. kyle, this was shot on a dvx100a

  • Man, I started laughing my ass off when I saw that rail at Amenia Elementary School (green rail) because I did a hop over grind on that same rail like 5 years ago (Mike’s is much nicer). By the way, is that wall ride off the loading dock in the next clip in Millerton. If so, that was the first rail I icepicked. Thanks for the local goodness!

  • sven

    so good mike. too bad your wicked mo all the time hahahaha.
    when are we riding / shooting again?!? awesome work!