Mike Ardelean in 411

Joe Cookie just uploaded Mike Ardelean’s part in 411. I was super stoked when this part came out and It’s rad to see it again. I had a section in the same issue that was on TCU the other day and It’s pretty cool that Mike and I were in this issue together before we even knew each other.

18 responses to “Mike Ardelean in 411”

  1. mark m says:

    Good shit mike!

  2. Jason- says:

    Why didn’t I ever see this? So good!

  3. DavidLang says:

    hell yes, thanks for posting that

  4. Ben says:

    It is pretty interesting that this came out 6 years ago and all that is different is basically bar size.
    Good riding is always timeless

  5. juse says:

    …and the bike was twice as heavy.

    I almost forgot Mike was that good.

  6. bobbyp says:

    proving my point from earlier comment… ardelean is a bad ass. 411 videos were pretty cool. wish they stuck around for more than just a few issues.

  7. doogs says:

    it’s probably the best ardelean section i’ve seen … little history intro with the old school footage was cool (is it really 6 years old!)

  8. mksim says:


    Ardelean in Nowhere fast is a great souvenir

  9. sergio ruiz says:

    muy buen video…

  10. Ryan C. says:

    Quality not quantity! Always some good stuff.

  11. fro says:

    I think WOW might have a problem with the DC’s and backwards cap…

  12. Alex says:

    I obviously know that Mike shreds (I own a copy of the bible, AKA Nowhere Fast) along with other shred vids that feature mike but this is one that slipped my sight. Fuckin awesome to see, thanks for puttin this up!

  13. Ben says:

    Can I reiterate my plea for a Nowhere Fast dvd release. Someone have a word with Parick and get it done. Brain castillo is now beyond the tracking ability of my VHS

  14. smoovebert says:

    nice one! i hadn’t seen this either.

  15. carlito brigante says:

    i missed this too, crazy because I think I was there for the Santa Ana Barspins down the stairs at the end, Anne getting background. I forget how good mike is.

  16. e-pil says:

    fresh part, barspin down the set was so clean

  17. traskVT says:

    aw nice. Suchan was my counselor @ Woodward when I went. super nice guy, as was Mike. brought back tight memories.

  18. nanoo.net says:

    And this is an funding threat value taking.