Mike Ardelean Bike Check


There’s a bike check up on the Odyssey site with Mike Ardelean’s new Verde. Not sure how we missed it, but Nuno and Jim B have new bike checks on the Odyssey site as well.

Check the bike checks out here – Ardelean, Nuno, Jim B.

6 responses to “Mike Ardelean Bike Check”

  1. Kyle says:

    Very clean.

  2. OT says:

    looks great. I liked his aqua paint job from a while back, too.

  3. Karl Poynter says:

    It’s always good to see nice and clean looking bikes. Mike seems to always do a fine job of this.

  4. Ryan C. says:

    Awesome rig here. Mike’s bikes are always something to look up to.

  5. Nik Pawlak says:

    Ardelean Defgrip Original Please.

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