My longtime friend Tim Swart has been working with IPATH, and recently asked me to assemble and manage a BMX team for them. So here we are. Joining me on the IPATH BMX program are Jim Bauer, Andrew Jackson, Brian Yeagle and Dave Thompson, who is pictured above wearing the Gall shoe (photo by Jason Eichhorst).

I’ve always been impressed by their use of sustainable materials and business practices, and by the way IPATH stays IPATH with an unmistakable look. For those reasons I was excited for the opportunity to get involved and hook up some deserving riders. Stay tuned for more.

19 responses to “IPATH BMX”

  1. wow says:

    yeagle is about the only one that even comes close to fitting for ipath. metrosexual raver bauer and a couple 5950 goobers to round it all out, does anyone look at these people and think IPATH? another project that could have done so well but is destined to fail. when will people learn that michigan mike is chronically incompetent and curses everything he touches?!

  2. Sean Zubek says:

    I am glad to hear this… Psyched to see how it will work out…

  3. Ryan C. says:

    Stoked on it, Mike! Always branching out in new directions, keep up the good work buddy.

  4. robin says:


  5. Loyd says:

    Their cats shoes are amazing. However the new sole they have been putting on them sucks grip wise, the old ipath logo bottom got the best grip I’ve ever had on pedals. It’d be sick if you could pull some strings and get the cats to have the old sole instead of the new.

  6. fro says:

    hey Wow you got a good perspective on shit. could it be you are sporting the latest (genuine) Lotek kicks and Animal straight bill? maybe people look at you and think “damn, I wish I could shred a fakie slider like this dude!”

  7. wow says:

    fro, if you notice i specifically made fun of 5950 wearers. and i’ll be damned if you ever catch me in loteks.

    i bought the original ipath grasshoppers the day they were available in my town, nearly ten years ago. through the years i’ve been a big fan of ipath’s product and image. they have always been environmentally conscious, which translates to them always having vegan shoe options.

    their skate team has always consistently reflected the brand, but this bmx team is the complete opposite. doing something this uncharacteristic of the company usually means it won’t last, it just doesn’t fit. if mike ardelean had bothered to seek out riders that worked with ipath’s image and ethos there would be no reason to talk down on this new venture. as it is, though, he only looked as far as his very small circle of friends and came up with a short list with a long shot at success. this is a very consistent pattern with ardelean, and it’s always followed by the premature collapse of what would otherwise be very solid long-term projects.

    i really wish people with money would stop giving that dude chances.

    and i’m certain there has never been a single person who could say i posses fakie skills.

  8. Ardelean says:

    Hey wow,

    Thanks for the input. This is my first TM gig so I’m not sure what “consistent pattern” you’re referring to, but yes you’re right, I only cosign for a riders that I know well and choose carefully.

    As the IPATH program grows I hope to paint a clearer picture anyone who may have misconceptions about the personalities and ethos of the “ravers” and “yahoos” I picked.

    The IPATH directors love Andrew’s style and don’t seem to mind what hat he wears, and personally I’m not tripping on it either.

    You and I have both been longtime fans of IPATH, so at least we have that in common! Next time you see me come say hi; we’ll work on our fakies.

  9. OT says:

    Sounds like these riders are being added to the new BMX team because they’re riders the TM thinks have the skills to rep the brand and deserve to get hooked up. Seems pretty straight forward to me.

    Awesome news! I like ipath a lot. Great midtops and great materials, too.

  10. bobbyp says:

    this is why i love michigan mike. a gangster and a gentleman. old school road fools veterans will never stop being cool in my eyes. and i am so stoked ipath has a bmx program now. nothing like great shoes from a great company, especially a company who now supports bmx!

    ps-i cant wait to go to a rave wearing my 59/50 tonight with my small circle of friends. when are people going to learn talking shit on blogs and message boards is soooo 2002. get with the now, buddy.

  11. Ardelean says:

    Oops I said yahoos… I meant goobers.

  12. tbvo says:

    I have owned about 10 pairs of “Cats”
    My favorite shoe for sure
    Nice job getting them going in BMX!

  13. Bink says:

    That’s really awesome, I’m psyched on iPath. They need to make some more thicker soled BMX shoes, though.

  14. jackson says:

    yeagle was a great choice, and as anyone who spends time in the woods knows, shoes are the first thing to get replaced. Excited to see what happens with this venture. Glad to see that the Ras Cats didn’t automatically make the team purely on image, a strong brand can grow and expand and make room for new personalities.

  15. kappy says:

    I -path was bought out by Timberland (not the rapper) for a few millie…as far as setting up the team, what about those 2 Long Island bumble clots on F-it ? and how about that guy who backflipped the railing (from launch ramp) at the bklyn banks -(same dude who bounced off the h20 container at bone deth)—just sayin..

  16. Alex says:

    Wow is hatin heavy, keep up the good work Mike. Good to see good dudes landing good things!!

  17. cohl says:

    i like the look and feel of ipaths, but both of the pairs I bought just did not last. great for style/bar shoes but not very practical riding wise. Thicken up the soles a little and I would definetly get another pair. Always awesome to see that skateboarders dont actually hate riders. hope it all works out.

  18. Leon says:

    seems as though this post has been inactive awhile, i just wanna say to mike, im a big fan, a fellow bmxer and also from Michigan. when i heard you where working with ipath for some bmx shoes i couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. seems to be a lot of skepticism on this posting. i have little doubt how successful this venture WILL be. i know bmx and i know i path, sounded like a great business move! thanks and good luck~ Leon

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