Chris Heads

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Check out some awesome fashion photography from Chris Heads. I’m really digging his two blogs “Go See’s” and “365”. Check out some of his work after the jump.

Chris Heads Fashion Photography


Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Chris Heads Fashion Photography

Check out more of Chris Heads work here –

7 responses to “Chris Heads”

  1. francis says:

    I’m still on the fence on how I feel about fashion photography. From a photographer standpoint, take the hot models away and all you have is poorly composed photos, coupled with amateur lighting. I guess you could argue that the art lies in the direction and the emotion/reaction the photographer stirs from the models. Get an expressive model though and it seems like anybody behind a lens can pull it off. I don’t know… Either way, they’re fun to look at. Which I guess in the grand scheme of things is all that really matters in the end.

  2. Z says:

    Terry Richardson did this already, and he got a few bjs from it, too!

  3. MC says:

    These aren’t really Terry Richardson material, they are a little more polished. Terry is more about seeing what the hell he can make happen and about making fashion as unpolished as possible. That is what he used to do anyway, some of his newer work is a little more polished, AKA the new Belvedere Vodka campaign.
    Maybe it’s just because I work in fashion, but I would hope that it takes a little bit more skill than just a beautiful woman to take a good photograph. Think about how many bad ad campaigns there are right now – look at the new GAP campaign. A bad photographer and a good model make bad fashion photography. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

  4. Albert says:

    Whole heartedly agree that there are a lot of “fashion” photographers right now that seem to think that a white wall and a point and shoot ethic will land them in the winner’s circle.

    Getting old really fast.

  5. ee says:

    fashion as a whole is a waste of potentional, resources, “talent” and time, not to mention that its pretty gay

  6. MC says:

    Fashion has an influence on all of your lives weather you like it or not. Point and shoot on a white wall whether you are shooting fashion, bmx, or anything else is weak. Fashion is a sense of style, it can be about the clothes that give you that style, but it can be a lot more. Everyone wants to hate fashion because it’s easy to say. I’m not saying that Chris Heads is a great fashion photographer, but fashion and the photography/illustration/design that accompanies it is a valid thing. There have been numerous very talented & famous photographers, artists, and designers who have worked in fashion saying that they are a waste is “pretty gay.”

  7. chris says:

    these comments make me think of the new Diesel campaign :

    ” smart critiques , stupid creates ”

    go Chris !