Art in The White House

Wooster Collective White House art

There is a rad post up on Wooster Collective about a trip they made to the White House this week for a discussion about art. Some of the topics they talked about were disappearance of common access to our public space and the need for a deeper understanding of what is and what is not “art”. There are some great quotes in the article, like “Yes, there are indeed graffiti artists working in The White House! ” and it’s really cool to see the effort that the new administration is putting in…

Check out the article here.

3 responses to “Art in The White House”

  1. Sean Zubek says:

    There were a lot of good points made in that article as far as art goes… I agree with the point that art is a lot of the time not only misunderstood but also undervalued by a lot of people… People need to free their minds!

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  3. Has any one here found out that CDC is now cool?