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alexandre montreal bmx photography

This was during a road trip to Philadelphia/New Jersey/New York.

We just arrived in Philly and started cruising around and found this ledge. Eric had a little line to film so he started to jump on the ledge and not even two minutes later some crazy dude dressed in this medieval suit runs out of the building screaming. Right when he’s about to tell us to leave, Eric just tells him ” Dude you’re fucking nuts!!” The guy was bit afraid just tells him not to damage the benches, but he agreed to give us one try. Here’s the shot.

alexandre montreal bmx photography

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2 responses to “Alexandre Ji @ Random”

  1. Davis says:

    I think the reflection of the rider and the actual scene could have been enhanced and preserved in a square crop. Other than that, its a lil annoying you can’t see his face either.

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