Tesla Roadster Test Ride


Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of attending a chill event at the Tesla showroom in West LA. Tesla basically hosted a private presentation of their roadster for the Porsche club that Jim is a member of, so we were able to check out the cars in full detail, learn more about them, and even take a ride in one.

Even though both Jim and I have been big fans of the car since it was announced years ago, we still learned a few things. For example, if anything should ever go wrong with your Tesla, you just hook your laptop up to the motor and it will email the problem to the Tesla service department. Also, within the next year, your Tesla technician will be able to reply to that email, instantly fixing the car’s problem. It was funny seeing a service shop that was just as spotless as the showroom it was adjacent to. The cars are amazingly clean.

As for the test ride, it was similar to taking off in a small jet plane. No torque curve, just 100% torque at all times. It makes a lot of much louder, much more expensive supercars seem silly. 0-60 in a seamless, shiftless, silent 3.9 seconds.

Check Jim’s Flickr for a couple of photos from the evening.

5 responses to “Tesla Roadster Test Ride”

  1. As an avid cyclist, I’m bothered by the idea of silent cars. Too dangerous to us. They should all have to make at least SOME noise, even the electric ones.

  2. Dunk says:

    There is alot too be said for the sound of a V8/10/12 supercharged, turbo engines, flat 6, inline 5’s infact any engine!
    I understand why companies want to produce electric cars but i’ll never buy one and i don’t know anyone who will.

    I agree with ^ Russ too, my friend had to tell me to move out of the way of a Prius while street riding the other day as a didnt hear it drive up behind me!

  3. Jerry From Poland says:

    Anyone want to guess where electricity comes from ?

  4. Holly says:

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