Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa just posted photos of their complete fixed gear bike that is about to drop. I got to check it out at Interbike and it looks dope!  Check out all the details on their site and check out the rest of the post for some photos!

Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa Fixed Gear

Subrosa Fixed Gear

9 responses to “Subrosa Fixed Gear”

  1. Adam says:


  2. thomas says:

    pretty lame bike. no passion.

  3. Andrew says:

    The details mean nothing when there is no general idea. And by that statement, I mean that up close shots are useless when you can’t see the whole thing!

  4. Marko says:

    does anyone know how much they might cost? i know the volume ones are like 800 bucks which is soooo expensive, im hoping around the 500 dollar range with the subrosas

  5. smoovebert says:

    overall looks pretty good but…

    that rear seatstay bridge looks like it’s held on with chewing gum or boogers.

  6. Spikebat says:

    Would have been nice to see the whole thing as Andrew says and as for those welds……..oh dear…

  7. one-T says:

    do they all get welded on monday morning? Or by the saturday boy? Actually who cares, fashion sells over function nowadays

  8. mullen says:

    whole thing is on subrosa’s website. and i think those welds will be fine if you leave the stair gaps to the bmx bikes. this bike is clearly for dollar beer night, or a nice cruise through the city with your girl.

  9. Moises says:

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