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DIG ISSUE 70: Featuring 148 pages worth of everything from rail riding American tourists in Costa Rica to smith grinding German bankers in Bonn. If you pick this issue up via your subscription or at your local bike shop you’ll get a wild Chester Blacksmith poster. And we do mean wild…

BOXED WINE FIASCO: John Paul Rogers talks cruisers and corn dogs in his regular new column.

IGNITION: The Old School BMX reunion at Woodward West. Still got it!

DIG THIS: KC Badger Reasons Why and Scott Fuller gets arty in Seattle.

VIDEOSTORE: Eastern and ‘The Death of Fun’. Up, Up and Away with Sunday, plus reviews…

COSTA RICA: Zac Costa, Tom White, Tyrone Williams and Tony Cardona get busy with the ‘Ricans.

FRIENDS FIRST: Chester Blacksmith ups the stakes in Austin on a team free trip along with Jared Washington, Mike Brennan and the soon-to-be legendary Chris Gollup.

THE MAX GAERTIG INTERVIEW: Germany’s favourite BMX banker.

NEW ORDER: Crossing the creative divide in the UK’s Northwest with Joy Division references aplenty. Featuring Ben Lewis, Jason Phelan, Mike Taylor and more…

PROGRESS REPORT: Eman gets robbed at gunpoint in LA for his hat.

LOW PROFILE: Another three riders quietly bubbling under the surface…

TWO YEARS OF TOOTHACHE Toothy tales straight from the mouths of a few Mid West BMXers.

COLONIZATION: Colony, Forgotten and Vans with some OZ style road trip frenzy.

ONE FOOT IN A FAIRY TALE: Ruben brings Chase Hawk, Joe Rich and some other like-minded friends home to Malaga.

DIGITAL CRUNCH: Credit crunch more like…

SENT ITEMS: You should see the ones we don’t print…

UNSOUND: Henry Rollins and the Mars Volta.

BACKCHAT: Bob Scerbo keeps it tight.






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