Not a bad way to start your week out. (via Surfstation)


  1. mark says:

    Poor mans lambo

  2. dru says:

    ya but still a damn sick car.

  3. Sean Zubek says:

    If only all car commercials looked that good…

  4. CDC part 2 is coming soon>>>>>>>>then you will know!

    FUK WEbsite eetiquette…this is BMX

    Sooooo legit!

    Shocking………..! 😉

    BAN the BAnjo too while your at it!

    Take over the world CDC will …you know it!

  5. Drew K says:

    Lamborgini: helping you find your inner douchebag for 46 years. Is what should be at the end of that commercial. Haha.

  6. Ardelean says:

    Agreed. When I’m in a certain mood I appreciate the Rod Stewart cheesiness of the whole Lambo thing, but it would only be possible to regularly drive one if you didn’t take yourself too seriously.

    The Gallardo is a legit car but this video seemed to intentionally highlight and glorify all the negative stigma that comes along with the brand… something I hope Porsche and Ferrari continue to NOT do.

  7. Jim says:

    Its sad that many great cars are also DB magnets. If a car was only graded on technical wizardry/style/performance it would score 100. Price/Company image/clientele would drop it to 60(failing grade in most schools)

    Those wheels are amazing. Some of the best OEM wheels in recent years.

  8. says:

    And this is an investment danger worth taking.