Ken Block Gymkhana

Ken Block Car Video Gymkhana

Since we started the day off with a car post, we might as well end the day with another car post. This time is a re-visit to an older post we had with a video of DC Shoes founder Ken Block going crazy driving a Subaru in an Air Field. Well I guess the whole concept has a name – Gymkana, and there’s a whole site dedicated to Ken Blocks video, car, products and more. To go along with the site, they have a new video of unseen footage from the first video. It starts out a bit slow, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Check it out after the jump –

4 responses to “Ken Block Gymkhana”

  1. Junior-Senior
    CDC part 2 is coming soon>>>>>>>>then you will know!

    Sooooo legit!

    Shocking………..! 😉
    Don’t quit life yet…..its gonna be one of the MAJOR BMX brothers that is starting it up …,……….Were gonna battle.

  2. RobinF says:

    What a good start to the day…

  3. gutstains says:

    is it just me or does ken block look like joe simon’s dorky older brother?

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