Her Famed Good Looks

Her Famed Good Looks

I must admit that I’m very into models. Her Famed Good Looks is a website which catalogs photographs of all sorts of models, from editorial to advertising shots. If you know of a model that’s not in their directory, you’re an aficionado.

Check the site out here.

Check the directory/galleries here.

6 responses to “Her Famed Good Looks”

  1. fro says:

    naima mora

  2. MC says:

    This is a nice collection. A little difficult to move around it. They are missing A LOT of models though: alana zimmer, iseline, myf, imogen, toni garn (calvin klein model for the last year). I do study these girls though so I guess that’s my issue.

  3. Ardelean says:

    Word, however it’s quite impressive considering it seems to be a hobby site run by a fan.

  4. kingphila says:

    🙁 ugh its suspended!

  5. sammi says:

    I know. I loved the layout of that site, a little hard to navigate, but it looked really cool! I never got to have a good look at it. I’m so sad. 🙁

  6. Chau says:

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