Defgrip Original – Adam22

A lot of people on the internet talk shit. Most of the shit talkers use fake names, sit at home and never do anything about the stuff they are talking shit on. Well, Adam Grandmaison, or as many of you know him as “Adam22”, is not that person.

Plagued with two straight years of injuries and nothing to do but talk shit on the internet, Adam decided to start a blog called The Come Up, because rather than posting comments and threads in other peoples forums, he wanted to create a voice of his own. After a quick three years, The Come Up has turned into what can easily be called the most followed BMX site on the internet, and Adam has positioned himself as one of the leading voices in the sport. Love him or hate him you can not deny the work Adam Grandmaison has put in and only respect what he has created.

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by

100 responses to “Defgrip Original – Adam22”

  1. tito says:

    Hopefully it will die so we can weed out all of the people who never really gave a shit, i.e. the people that are always looking for credit and a payout. Can’t wait for this to happen, bmx in the early 90’s ruled. Fuck bmx

  2. gutstains says:


    whats with your crusade to enlighten the world as to what you perceive a22 to be? Seems like every time there’s a video of him somewhere, there you are in the comments trying to save bmx from this guy. Its pretty creepy actually. if the dudes from defgrip, arguably the most lambish and positive bmx site, are fuckin with him, he cant be all that bad in real life. if everyone were to judge others by their internet persona, i’d think you were a hack “photographer” who has a borderline homo-obsession with the person he hates most in life. but couldnt be entirely true, now could it? I think you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think this guy is ruining bmx. If anything, its relics like you who want to live in the glory days forever who need to snap out of it and live in the now. Seriously dude, no one cares about your little vendetta with a22/tcu. It was message board fodder for awhile and then everyone went right back to not caring. I dont know what you’re trying to accomplish with these rants and tirades. When it comes down to it, you’re pretty much shooting a bb gun at a freight train trying to body a dude who gets more money, respect and pussy than you ever will. I hope I see you around again sometime…it was pretty funny seeing that look of confusion on your face when i was hitting the test button on my PW and seeing yours go off!

  3. Harley says:

    Wow guys, kudos on sparking one of the longest comment threads of all time on the Grip! Harrison and Andrew, you guys are doing some good stuff with these, can’t wait to see them branch out to stuff other than BMX (the Greyboy piece is my pick thus far).

    I also want to say that I never visit TCU, I’ve never been a fan of it, but that’s me. That being said, I got to hang out with Adam in Mexico for a while during the last Red Bull Elevation and I got along well with him even though he and I are both totally different people. I’m guessing at least 90% of those who hate on him have never met him and never will, but continue to talk shit. Think about that for a second, and then remind yourself that if you hate TCU so much, take it out of your bookmarks and never look back, life’s too short to worry about a website anyway.

  4. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    well “gutstains”, obsession? nah. i just think that this person who rips off everything people have worked very hard for should be portrayed in the way that he really is. it’s kids like you that keep TCU going and it’s kids like you that will be the reason magazines wont be around. instant gratification will get you nowhere. next time you are at 9th or anywhere around me, instead of hiding out and firing off my PWs, how about you come up to me and we can talk. i’m always down for a friendly debate. seriously, no sarcasm in that at all. find me and talk to me face to face. you know who i am… now get off your soapbox that is the internet and make it something real. – Gregory R Dickson.

  5. matt says:

    this is seriously pathetic, likes to shit talk so be it, he rips off news from companies that probably sponsor the site so be it. who honestly gives a fuck.

  6. chris says:

    Classic! I think the come up is good for content, I never read the comments because of all the hate from 10 year olds. My view on adam has changed a little mainly because of this interview.

    I’m definitely down with the crook & castles sweater.

  7. chris says:

    He brings controversy, and to many people get threatened and then defensive. just get over it.

  8. reed stark says:

    greg dickson is a straight up dude. Adam22 is wrong for stealing his shit. done.

  9. lee says:

    Gregory R Dickson

    you sound like a drunken uncle that just cant leave it.

    A22 makes money from the site and the way I see it “stealing” or not he is doing me a service by putting everything I need to see on the internet bmx wise in one place,if you dont like it dont go on the site,stop crying about it.

    Also once something is on the internet its out there for the public to see no matter where they see if from,and surely a company wants as much exposure as they can get!
    Also he always hyper links to the companies web site if he is using there content,that probably gives the company site a hell of a lot more views than if he never posted it.

    And defgrip do steal,maybe not from bmx but they take from other sources.
    I dont think its a bad thing but they still do it,pretty much evey bmx site will post stuff from other sites,you just have you knickers in a twist over a22 so you think its worse him doing it.

    When it comes down to it,he makes money in bmx and weather you like it or not has a massive voice to sway the average teenage bmxer out there so you might think he is a dick but his opinion is a million times more influential than yours when all’s said and done.

  10. Eric Capone says:

    Glad My grandmother wasn’t around to hear that hahah.

  11. Eric Capone says:

    i dont think he rips off news. he makes it available in one place. not a big deal is it? If it were Gary Young or some shit everyone would be like ooohhh omg ur awseome so what hes just being honest. sometimes truth hurts. Oh yeah Gary Young is cool by the way just using nice guy as example

  12. Cj says:

    I think the comeups great i left bmx and most of my fam and friends to go commercial fish didnt pick up a camera or my bike for 3 years and when i came back i shot this little church demo for decaprio and i was like so phyced it like ‘made’ the come up.. now i know like anything can do that! ha you even posted shit i did like 10 years ago but I got me phyced to shoot again.. it ment a lot that If i made something people would see it and as far as the shit talk goes i grew up in jersey so shit talk is just how you keep each other honest.. its sport.. i love it.. twitter beefs still f’n weird thou! nj sj difference i guess ha

  13. Cj says:

    as for stealing content…. that’s like saying you sell drugs.. ‘you dont sell drugs. drugs sells drugs. you just happen to have drugs and know people that want em. you never hear somebody say “i got all this crack. how am i ever gonna sell all this crack!” RT @chrisrock
    wrote a whole thing about new media and then decided to go with that….

  14. ben k says:

    i just cant wait to look back and read this ten years from now.
    and when i do, ill still be laughing about parachute pants in pensacola. condom bombs in queens, and tardiffs jeans.
    oh yeah ive seen adams penis and balls no lie.

  15. josh says:

    this guy needs to work a 12 step program.

  16. chris says:

    sucking dick is gay

  17. digahole says:

    I want to be involved

  18. LIKE says:

    you guys like care too much, like if you dont like him then like dont go on his site, like that way his advertisers wont have like kids eyes seeign they’re product all over the like place. like. street shit, that neck tat doesnt make you look lke a thug! 🙂

  19. oscar says:

    after watching this video with adam i agree with just about everything he says. my closest bmx friend talk about bmx the same way adam does and ive always hated how people have to watch what they say just because our bikes are involved. we have strong opinions on everything and theres nothing wrong with that. awesome interview

  20. sean murphy says:

    I loved this interview, I dont love every post on TCU, but I think Adam does a great job of keeping the flow of content fresh and giving a honest opinion on what he sees in the industry. For so long bmx and freestyle have operated like some kind of hippie utopia where everyone is nice to each other and there is no room for beef or static, unless its behind someone’s back of course. This is a bullshit view and makes the industry a fucking mess, in my opinion. TCU does not feed into that, you fuck up, step out of line or do some busted shit, you are going to get called out for it, I enjoy that…

    I especially have to tip my hat to Adam on not being afraid to call out his advertisers also. That takes balls, or guts, or whatever you want to call it, this site and Adam have it. He created his own market place and works hard to profit from it, this bullshit about “stealing” money from struggling pro riders? Ha, if thats what you really think about the industry you should just shut the fuck up.

  21. matt says:

    give it time and thecomeup will fade. hopefully sooner than later. the site brings nothing to bmx. a forum for 14 year olds to look at porn and bag on each other is not a contribution. it’s a joke and unfortunately the joke is on bmx.
    as for a22 and his attitude; he’s a kid behaving badly. he’ll grow up eventually and gain some humility. until then if you don’t like it don’t visit site.


    its not smooth to talk shit regardless the situation.
    be grown n quit bein a pansy ass little bitch complainin about a slider or someone who did somethin differently than you woulda
    get rid of comeup cause bmx doesnt need your input. you dont deserve it, realspit.

  23. Desert Eagle says:

    Lets say by chance you found yourself in a situation in which you have voice. In voice I mean people are paying attention and following something that your a part of or are in control of.
    A position of power in a small subculture
    that has many developing minds paying attention to it.
    These minds can be influenced for the better or for the worse

    With that said

    Adam, you have this position, weather you care or not.
    You want to be real?
    You say you have “thick skin”, you have the ” i don’t give a fuck attitude” and thats fine, thats you, thats real.
    But keep in mind Reality is ever evolving
    years down the road, you might not have this position or the attitude you have now and you might look back after time and experience have changed you as they change us all and realize you could have done alot more with that “voice” for the better
    many good things could be born with this voice
    “everything can be different” with each passing day.

    you stated that you are really positive
    proof it

    Just take a minute and think about it
    Its not about the money
    Its not about self image

    Its about the message..
    Its about the soul

    ~”A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.” ~


  24. Jay says:

    Gregory R. Dickson is the worst seriously shut the fuck up its not stealing if websites are paying him to put content on is site and why are they doing that u ask? BECAUSE IT PROMOTES THERE BRAND HELPING PROMOTE BMX GIVE BACK MONEY INTO BMX..ITS NOT ALL NEGATIVE GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE… Also i herd tony Cardona punched u in the siked!

  25. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    Jay, it’s pretty obvious that you dont know how to read and retain what is said. and no… he didnt punch me in the face. get more siked. 🙂 – Gregory R. Dickson

    p.s. way to go from jocking one loser to jocking another one. ZING!

  26. tony says:

    Democracy? Honesty? Every rider I know is blocked from posting comments on TCU.

  27. Adam22 says:

    You must have a very specific friends group then because I’ve literally banned maybe 4 IP’s total on the site since the new design went up.

    LOL@ Greg denying getting punched in the face. Is it worth lying about something when there were 20+ witnesses who could verify that it happened? It must be weird being a pathological liar.

  28. tony says:

    I think you banned a lot more than 4, before that.

  29. Adam22 says:

    Yeah, but all that went away with the new design. It’s a lot easier to block spam on the new site. Either way of the ~100 IP’s I banned on the old site, 90% were a result of people going in threads and saying “nigger”.

  30. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    adam, anyone with a 3rd grade reading level could see that “jay” said “cardona punched you in the face”. but i guess i shouldnt expect so much from you. plus you dont punch in the face. you are tough behind peoples backs. sorry bud. oh, and how was that primo premier??? thats right you “dont remember”. cant let the kids know that you got your ass beat. see, this is reasons why you are your site are terrible. you slant everything to go your way to keep your rep up. it’s pretty pathetic… just like pulling a knife on someone smaller than you. – Gregory R. Dickson

  31. Adam22 says:

    While essentially everything you just said is a lie, I would like to point out that NOTHING is more pathetic than losing a fight, then writing an Email to the person who you lost the fight to, then not saying anything to that person every time you saw that person for the next week. You are the definition of an internet tough guy, Greg.

  32. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    lets set the record straight bud… there wasnt a fight… there was you attacking me from behind, then when it came face to face YOU PULLED A KNIFE. you are the definition of a person who can be tough until someone is gonna do something about it, then has to do anything they can from getting thier ass beat. and then i laughed at you while you mean mugged me from the street. dont worry, i’m sure our paths will cross again. bring your beef to me like you did steve-o… but i wont go down like he did. keep slanting things so people think you are right just to keep your status with the kiddos. it’ll catch up to ya. 🙂 – Gregory R. Dickson

  33. Garrett Reeves says:

    Not to get in the middle of this little “dispute” but i was there and definitely did not see Adam pull a knife i really don’t think i would of missed that,Get over it man he got a def grip interview and u don’t like it…O well, chill out and have a beer.

  34. Adam22 says:

    LOL @ Greg’s life. Everyone knows the truth and nobody is scared of you.

  35. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    funny seeing that i was standing in front of adam (which would have kept anyone by the van from seeing it) and saw him reach into his pocket and pull his knife out. other people (that dont have to jock adam for coverage) saw it too. how else would anyone know he had a knife? hmmmmm… strange. hey adam, you dont have to be scared but when we come across each other again it wont be as nice. you better learn to throw a punch properly… oh and learn how to not pull hair like a bitch. wow… i feel kinda bad for talking all this shit on a site that is actually good. sorry defgrip guys. – Gregory R. Dickson.

  36. Red says:

    Why don’t you guys just set up a fight and go at it? No knives, no friends, no bullshit. Whoever wins, wins. Not in a vicious, “I’m gonna KILL YOU!!!” kinda way… just a calm, rational fist fight between men. I’d rather do that than have endless ping pong games of shit talking, personally.

  37. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    as stupid as fighting is, i’d be down but adam cant afford to lose any face to all the little impressionable kids out there. if they think he’s a chump, they wont like his site and that means less hits. less hits = less money. less money = having to get a real job. and we all know how he doesnt want to do that. – Gregory R. Dickson

  38. Rascal says:

    on some real shit. Greg, your biggest faggot ive ever had the pleasure of reading. Ive spent some time on def/tcu and have never seen anyone be such a pussy over something so rediculous. You just dont know when to stop, apparantly even after everyone puts the facts in your face, you still go on rambling about fucking nonsense. let adam have the spotlight be built for himself, instead of your trying to tear his life and website apart. jealousy blows, especially for you

  39. Adam22 says:

    I already fought Greg and there weren’t any “friends” or “knives” involved. Everyone knows that. I don’t have any interest in fighting him again, nor did I really have any interest in fighting him in the first place. I don’t have anything to prove, or at least I don’t care to prove anything. Greg can talk about me all he wants, it says a lot more about his character than it does mine. After giving the whole situation a little thought, I truthfully wish him the best, even if he feels his time is best spent talking about me online.

  40. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    well thanks adam… that means a lot. wait. no it doesnt. “i have 8 of my friends here” – adam22. dude… seriously, get over yourself. i’m over this shit. i’m sure next time i see you and call you out for being a sucker punching little girl you’ll wanna do something… and you’ll get rocked. “NEW YORK” – adam22 in response to me calling him out on pulling his knife out. i have no reason to lie about anything… it’s not me who’ll lose “respect” from kids i’ll never know. and as for my time best spent, i actually rode my bike today… i didnt blog about it. i’m currently dropping a duece (not the dude from badashell). thats the only time adam22 is worthy of my time on the internet. 🙂 – Gregory R. Dickson

  41. thepoop says:

    ur ass smells like shit

  42. Terry says:

    you don’t even need to like or hate Adam. unless you have no life, you can do what i do and just get the information that has been redirected to his site. get your fill of daily happenings (or non happenings) and leave.There is no need to glamorize or crucify the guy.
    i check out tons of other similar sites (non-bmx) and you know what, i couldn’t give a shit if brook shields, pee wee herman or hitler writes them.

  43. Jara says:

    The problem I am having with TCU is that sites such as Vital or Ride pay their editors and videographers to create original content. Then they hope to charge for views on their sites.

    What happened instead? Adam created TCU and everyone keeps checking his site. It is more convenient and faster. But Gregory is right – Vital created his own content and someone else’s is making profit from it. Either directly by embedding the video or indirectly by constant announcements that video XY is newly available at Vital. Do you see my point?

    I am a videographer and photographer and would like to receive full credit for my work. I think it is not necesarry to draw comparisons to music industry.

    And the whole great idea of webvideo being great way of advertising these days. I can not catch up the constant stream of same, boring, badly made sponsor webvideos. Just around 10 stuck in my mind. Not a very good score.

  44. alex says:

    wow. Greg seems like a babbling idiot. Seriously, Adam talks a lot of shit, but how many of your friends talk shit to each other? Just because people don’t agree with what he says, they automatically call him a girl, or a fag, or any other name related to “shit-talking”. It’s full circle. You do something adam doesn’t like, He’s going to talk shit on you, pretty much what every other human does on this planet. If adam does something you don’t like, you talk shit on him. Is this making any sense to you? Greg? You are preeching intelligence but you can’t even complete a full sentence. I’m not sticking up for Adam but holy shit it’s easy to see why you don’t have friends. Pro’s struggle because they are falling off of the band wagon. There are only a handful of pro’s that are marketable. It changes, why do you think Dave Mirra isn’t in the spot light anymore? Why do you think Nigel Sylvester picked up a contract from Gatorade? Simply put, everything is going to internet based advertising. You are crying because TCU single handedly is shutting down your precious RIDEbmx magazine. Photographers don’t make nearly as much when their photo’s are posted online. Magazine’s are going away in general because the internet is basically free. Why do you think magazine’s like Ride invest thousands into a site. You do have a 4th grade mentality if you think that the internet is killing bmx. Email killed the post office years ago. Are you just as upset because you don’t get to lick the glue off the back of your favorite elton john stamp? I think you are.

    Greg, Your a douche. Quit trying to make this about you. When defgrip does an interview titled “Greg Dickson – I still lick my mom’s tit” I will have a different opinion of you. Until then, Sign “anon” because your will save yourself from looking like a douche bag.

    All Mr. Adam22 did was make news more accessible and faster. I would of like to hear of Mike Aitken’s crash the same day it happened, Rather than 2 months later when Ride put’s it in their magazine. The stuff your getting on the TCU is up to date and fresh. Why do you think Defgrip only post’s artsy, macneil, and other related stuff. Because they know TCU has it on lock. There is no need for 14 sites to post the same news. Get used to it, The Come up is here to stay, 3 years running.

    All this was eventually going to happen, Positive or not, you ain’t going to change it.

  45. jf says:

    like like like like like like like

  46. yumyums says:

    Gregory R. Dickson.. i like your photos, but you need to start your own site. Maybe it will be more popular then TCU. Hey everyone, you know what… More people need to check this site before TCU.

    Go to

    At that site you get all the up to date news with none of the bullshit………simple if you ask me..

    Also, if people want to advertise on the TCU, i’m all for it. I have never bought a product based on any website advertising and never will. Adam22, i hope your taking a fair amount of the money your making and putting into some kind of savings plan/investment plan, cause sites like yours are trendy and don’t tend to have staying power. Look at what happened to sprfls… dead.. Eventually people just get tired of the negativity.. regardless of weather it’s “keeping it real”.

  47. yumyums says:

    One positive.. You got kick ass t shirts! 🙂

  48. Chanel says:

    All types of investments come with sure risks.

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