Defgrip Original – Adam22

A lot of people on the internet talk shit. Most of the shit talkers use fake names, sit at home and never do anything about the stuff they are talking shit on. Well, Adam Grandmaison, or as many of you know him as “Adam22”, is not that person.

Plagued with two straight years of injuries and nothing to do but talk shit on the internet, Adam decided to start a blog called The Come Up, because rather than posting comments and threads in other peoples forums, he wanted to create a voice of his own. After a quick three years, The Come Up has turned into what can easily be called the most followed BMX site on the internet, and Adam has positioned himself as one of the leading voices in the sport. Love him or hate him you can not deny the work Adam Grandmaison has put in and only respect what he has created.

filmed by Andrew McMullen
edited by

100 responses to “Defgrip Original – Adam22”

  1. Andy says:

    love the look on this one. nice work guys.

  2. Jody says:

    The last sentence of the intro says it all….

  3. andrew says:

    i liked it. keep it real

  4. Mark says:

    I found the most interesting part of that whole video, having watched the .mov version full screen, was having the negative of Adam’s image burned into my retinas when I looked around my room after watching it. Every time I blink…

  5. DavidLang says:

    So so good. Love the look of this. And Defgrip X TheComeUp = clash of the titans interview, really enjoyed that!!! Say what anyone wants, Adam deserves to be one of the kings of BMX media.

  6. Jeff says:

    Mr. Buzzcut livin’ a finite life..sorry thecomeup-career hopefuls. I realize this dude has now shoved himself into part of BMX, but I like to think that Defgrip, although presented nicely, wouldn’t pander to it.

    The bottom line is that whenever there’s something “bad” in BMX, where does it go? Being real or honest has nothing to do with it.

  7. Nuno says:

    I predict the most comments (good and bad) of any Defgrip post.

  8. Chris says:

    That was so good. He claims he’d rather be honest than positive and it’s so true just by watching this interview. Loved it.

  9. terry says:

    i’m starting to detect a theme with these interviews, you guys must find douchebags interesting. rick thorne next?

  10. wow says:

    this guy should not be praised for what he has done. its nothin but trash. defgrip has hit an all time low.

  11. Jay Miron says:

    I don’t always agree with Adam’s point of view, but I really appreciate that he always gives HIS opinion rather than what he thinks we all want to hear. That’s why he’s running the show these days.


    he does talk a lot of shit. almost as petty as his viewers. most the vids he posts are shit. it might get views. then again most people are lame so all in all its just a bunch of lame-osity goin on that will probably never go away. its a site for children. 90% of bmx are narcisistic assholes or just one or the other. thats for sure. but then again so is the entirity of america. sucks bmx had to go up in shit with all the competition/ shit talking/ yada whatever. little example of what real folks do when they dont like somethin… they ignore it. go on about their business n forget the fact that people suck. they dont dedicate their entire being to acting better than the rest. to becoming so good at makin fun of other people that their entire character is based upon somethin so fucked up. you’ll never be happy as you was before you turned into a jackass. SUCKA!

  13. I sat through this but it went from him being “real” to more just like rambling about shit that no one cares about.

  14. reminded me of Earsnot’s part in Infamy for some reason.

  15. Mark says:

    There’s a difference between being overly optimistic/thinking everything’s awesome and deciding to talk more about things you like rather than things you don’t like. Shit-talking stuff is no more ‘honest’ than talking about stuff you’re into? Everyone’s got issues with something, but I don’t really get why that needs to over-ride giving credit where credit’s due.

  16. Joey says:

    Its got to be weird for him to talk about growing up not knowing/riding with pros or big names in the sport then coming to a point in his life where adam grandmaison is one of the big names in bmx. I thought it was a bit of a ramble near the end, but I’d rather listen to that than “whats on your ipod right now” or “whos your favourite rider”, Harrison knows how to do an interview and Adam looks like a tank in that sweater.

  17. Andrew says:

    The look of the whole thing was nice.

  18. Earth to BMX says:

    I wonder how he was raised?
    Is it the east coast mentality of bad news
    saying he hates people that push positive energy
    is he serious
    there is nothing fake about being positive..
    Get out of that rat nest of a city and head west
    I-80 style
    stop and take in the beauty for a minute
    the open land/national parks/rivers and skylines
    the small towns/ the stories around the fire
    and then realize the infinite worlds around you
    all the positive energy budding all over the map
    shit is amazing and having life is nothing but positive

    he might have a different point of view if he wasn’t so
    worried about flat ledges and who has the new sweet web video
    to be placed in cyber space with all the other cookie cutters

    I don’t see how someone so negative and closed minded
    gets so much support and attention

    this guy has little to offer the world and bmx
    and it disgusts me that mainstream media lets this clown talk
    any educated individual would agree!

  19. tito says:

    grandmaison is a fucking tool

  20. earth to bmx companies says:

    stop giving this guy money. there’s pros out there struggling and this asshole is making bank? something is wrong.

  21. LIKE says:

    Like isnt adam22 gay, like, his opinion is wack, like hes such a bad ass like…………like obviously he’s so street that he has no idea how to speak. like.

  22. Harrison says:

    These comments are a great example of what I was trying to talk about. Adam used to be just like you guys, talking shit in the comments, but rather than just continuing to talk shit, he created his own site.

    I’m not supporting all the shit talking that goes on on TCU and I’m also a huge believer in positivity and I wish there was more of it in BMX.

    But in regards to “Earth To BMX Companies” comments a few comments up, where else should the companies give their money? I agree with the fact that it would be rad if BMX was more positive, but Adam is not tricking companies to give him money, people go to him for advertising because the kids go to his site… He has the numbers and for the amount of pageviews he gets, he should be making good money. The only way for companies to stop giving him money is for you to start a site and have it become bigger that The Come Up…

    I definitely don’t support everything Adam does, but I respect what he has built.

  23. Adam22 says:

    Just a quick word about “positivity”. I consider myself an inherently positive person… in my own life I honestly have a hard time looking at the negative side of things because I’m so happy to be alive and to be able to enjoy myself day to day. That being said, I don’t pretend to sugar-coat things I’m not into. If I think a brand, a song or a video is lame, fuck it, I’m going to say it. I don’t think I draw an overwhelming amount of attention to things I don’t like. Way more than 90% of the things I post on the site are things I’m stoked on, or at least things I’m relatively indifferent towards. But I also have no problem stating the issues I have with things I don’t like. If we don’t discuss things freely then what is the point of using the internet or even communicating with each other at all?

    My attitude, to put it simply, is to keep it real, not to sugarcoat shit or say one thing publicly and then say something else when it’s not posted on the site. I COMPLETELY understand that that troubles a lot of you. Why? Because you’re used to bullshitting your way through life and you can’t afford to speak your mind freely. I can.

  24. Great video. Everyones entitled to their own opinions, its just that Adams got off his ass and done something about it.

  25. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    i agree with “earth to bmx companies”. print is dying, pro riders are broke and people are paying this self proclaimed “professional blogger” serious cash to advertise on his site. the companies who refuse to advertise with him, he steals thier shit anyways. the way this guy runs his site is unethical and wrong. i fully support defgrip BUT with interviews like this, it helps him rape out beloved “sport” more and more. sad but true. – Gregory R. Dickson

  26. Adam22 says:

    I don’t really care to argue with someone who obviously isn’t capable of thinking on a 4th grade level, but could you at least to attempt to explain why paying a magazine for an advertisement or paying a pro rider is inherently a better use of money than paying a website? It’s not like anyone’s got a gun to any of the advertiser’s heads, and it’s not like I’m bugging anyone to advertise. In fact, there is no theft going on since everyone (barring a few exceptions) who has their stuff posted on The Come Up appreciates it, and usually thanks me for each post.

  27. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    oh… sorry i’m not up to your standards adam. how about instead of complaining about my intelligence level, you learn to speak like a human being, not a laguna beach character. all shit talk aside… why pay a magazine? because magazines arent stealing anything. they put thier hard work into what they do and do a good job of it (for the most part). all you seem to do is take, take, take. paying riders would be a way better way for a company to spend thier money rather than give it to someone who does nothing to give back to bmx. i know for a fact a few companies that wont deal with you and you still have thier news posted everytime they put something new up. i’m not going to name names but we both know that you are full of it. and i also know some people that only advertise with you because of kurt. if kurt was to run thecomeup by himself, it would be more professional and more ethical.

  28. Adam22 says:

    Greg, something tells me you aren’t quite the industry insider you think you are. Find one company that will publicly state that The Come Up “steals” content and I will gladly never promote their stuff ever again. Something tells me I’ll be waiting a while, I might have to grab a Snickers.

  29. Thomas says:

    The Come Up =

    fuck all that shit talks (there are birds over the resi jump: be positive!), he makes too much money (if i was that rich i would have a neck tattoo too!), i actually shit talk too (of course anonymly), i could do his job, OMG and he can’t tailwhips (he must be friend with some dudes with obscure political views running the internet!) etc etc etc…


    i still check it everyday (at least 5 times a day)


    Good interview, and i love the come up and defgrip!

  30. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    like i said… i’m not one to name names. just keep in mind, it’s you who are on trial. not me. now go re-learn to ride your bike and get off your ass.

  31. lee says:

    Its funny people are giving adam 22 shit for having his own opinions more than they where giving cory nastazio for being a out and out homophobe and complete guido.

    funny how people dont like some one having a little success.

    And if adam is stealing then surely defgrip are to.

  32. atb says:

    nice, i like the high contrast. i’m a huge fan of defgrip and i’m a fan of the come up. anyone who is mad about negative comments must be on the receiving end too much. those people need to get out of bmx and take up needlepoint or basket weaving. i’ve seen plenty of positive comments about things that deserve praise. sure there are some things said I dont agree with but that is what makes life interesting. and by the way i do think that everyone is entitled to their opinion…this is the land of the free

  33. Garrett Reeves says:

    Before I met Adam in real life i wasn’t sure what to think about him but honestly he’s a good guy, and hes doing exactly what he wants to do and hes doing it the way he wants not by kissing ass or being someone hes not. That’s something not a lot of people can say. Gotta respect that.

  34. Red says:

    I found the come up and defgrip around the same time…I like ’em both. I don’t like everything on thecomeup, and I don’t know Adam or anything about his personal business practices, but I like that he’ll say what he pleases. He’s right…it doesn’t make sense to praise something or coat it with a positive glaze when you don’t feel accordingly. I don’t see why everyone has such a problem with that. If you don’t agree with him, don’t read his site. In fact, do what Harrison suggested and start your own.

  35. Marko says:

    Haven’t been on the come up in like 6 or so months, actually stopped by today just to check out the new layout I heard about. But on another note. Everyone who talks shit on Adam just needs to shut their mouth, no matter how he makes money or what he takes from other sites or how he advertises has no relevance to a much bigger point in life, ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY or PEOPLE WHO CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT MONEY and everyone who moans and bitches are the ones who aren’t making any money off a site and are working 9 to 5 jobs. A little bit of Darwinism for you, survival of the fitest, everyone hustles there way through life, store directors, CEOs of fortune 500 companies, the dealer down your street, BMX riders, athletes of all sorts, etc etc etc.
    Yes, its tough out there, but you need to suck it up and move one with your own life.

  36. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    “And if adam is stealing then surely defgrip are to.”

    incorrect. adam takes content from sites of companies that dont want anything to do with thecomeup. defgrip seems to be a bit more professional about the way they do things. i dont have a problem with people being successful, but at least be ethical about it. it just really seems as if adam thinks that if someone is paying to advertise, fine he’ll post thier site content and the companies that dont… fuck it, he’ll post all thier stuff too. sorry, thats wrong. harrison and the rest of the guys at defgrip seem like the kind of people who would be willing to at least ask before using something. adam has posted photos of mine without asking. i didnt shoot that photo for him, so no… thats stealing. nuno has asked me if it was ok to post one of my photos on defgrip and i had no problem with it. the point being, that adam22 is a thief and everyone falls for it. defgrip asks, adam22 takes and uses for his own benefit without giving a fuck about who he’s ripping off. think about that. food for thought kiddos. – Gregory R. Dickson

  37. I like the interview. While I don’t pay attention to thecomeup myself he seems like a pretty decent guy. He has his convictions and opinions and he stands by them. I mean, I can honestly say that I halfway agree with his stance on corporate advertising in bmx. I think these companies don’t actually give to shits about the sport, and when they see the profitability of the bmx market decline below a predetermined level they will leave us. However, in the meantime these companies (like Nike, DC, Redbull, etc) provide some of the most progressive riders with salaries that help build our sport. Since our sport has always maintained this grassroots entrepreneurial vibe these people reinvest in the sport by starting legitimate parts and clothing companies, thus creating a trickle down effect.

    However, Greg does make a good point in his last post. All in all, this is a result of the internet being inefficient means of communication. I think if you are going to put your work on the net this redistribution is inevitable. I mean, there are ways you can protect this sort of graft (webpage coding).

    In the end, I think people should try their best to remove themselves from the internet as a means of interaction. I love seeing the newest products and webclips, but as riders we should already be inclined to get outside and enjoy our fucking bikes. Videos and websites are fun, but there is nothing better than rolling on two wheels.

    In response to Lee… seriously… you are calling him a homophobe implying negative moral connotations and then refer to him with a racist derogatory term… WTF?!

  38. Red says:

    “In the end, I think people should try their best to remove themselves from the internet as a means of interaction.”

    You mean they should rely on it more as a databank of information rather than as a thing they need to “be on”?

  39. Andy says:

    BMX is serious business.

    Personally, I think the Internet is the worst thing that ever happened to BMX, but you can’t really stop that, can you.

    TCU has turned BMX into a contest. I know people who wont upload edits unless there is bangers, due to TCU fear. I actually have an edit, which is the best stuff I’ve done, on lock on Vimeo, due to some odd insecurity that people I don’t even know will talk shit on it, and no-one really needs that in there day.

    If it wasn’t Adam22, it would be someone else.

  40. brandon says:

    how often do you fight people adam?

    seems like it happens alot…

  41. mikey says:

    somebody should show this guy the chappelle show keepin it real skit

  42. Robin Fenlon says:

    Alot of the things said in this interview are so very true… Good job lads.

  43. Noir says:

    The video was great, I love the originals series!

    @Gregory R. Dickson.
    What do you think the purpose of The Come Up actually is. Adam has even said it for himself, it’s more or less a bmx news filter/blog, of cause he’s going to post content that he has nothing to do with, because maybe it is legitimate information that is relevant to the viewers of his site.

  44. Thom says:

    Adam is a fucking douche, stop giving him money and respect. The only thing this faggot has done for bmx is brought drama everywhere he goes. Fuck he sucks.

  45. Sean Zubek says:

    Good interview. He has a lot of good shit to say.

  46. Chris says:

    You don’t have to necessarily like Adam or all his opinions but you sure as hell have to respect everything he has done. That’s something that can be applied to all areas of life and not just in terms of BMX. The Come Up as a whole might have some negative aspects, bear in mind people will never see eye to eye on everything, but as a whole it has been a positive driving force for BMX. It has in a sense consolidated a community on the internet and given a place for people to voice their opinions, be it positive or negative. Adam can’t be held responsible for what people say just because he has given them an outlet.

  47. Arthur says:

    Dope interview as usual !

    Clean and true

    Concerning the interview it’s very interesting to watch somebody giving his own opinion about industry, press etc…

    The guy is honest and people can be jealous of the success of his website but all those conflicts are just creating a buzz around the website it promote even more TCU.

    Good time

  48. Jeff says:

    “You don’t have to necessarily like Adam or all his opinions but you sure as hell have to respect everything he has done.”

    I love this statement. What has he done? He’s sat on a computer for three years, linking to other people’s content. I fail to see “everything,” let alone what’s respectable about it.

    Oh, and produced a mediocre DVD.

  49. tito says:

    Word up to you Jeff, he has done jack shit for bmx. Chris you are seriously retarded, you obviously are some retard that worships adams gay ass cut and paste “website”. Seriously fuck off already, adam<shit.

  50. Gregory R. Dickson says:

    “If it wasn’t Adam22, it would be someone else.”

    you are right. it would be someone ese, but that someone else could do it in a more professional and ethical manner. if it was him only posting things people send in to the site or people who pay for advertising, then he is all in the right. BUT when he’s taking everything he sees on bmxfeed and other high traffic bmx sites and making money off of it, thats pretty shitty. granted you cant stay away from keeping everything bmx on the internet from being stolen, you can make and effort to minimize it. thats something adam22 knows nothing about. his “fuck it, i’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth” attitude is whats gonna kill this thing we all have in common. the more people that think like that and follow along, the quicker bmx will end up how it was in the early 90’s… DEAD. history repeats itself kids. take note. – Gregory R. Dickson

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