Carhartt in Japan


My friend Eden just hipped me to this feature on Honeyee; a click-through introduction of Carhartt’s line in Japan. Those jeans on page two have been on my body for months, literally. People are starting to look at me weird.

Regarding Carhartt, here’s an interesting piece by Jeff Staple highlighting brands that aren’t quite as cool in the US as they are overseas.

6 responses to “Carhartt in Japan”

  1. Jim says:

    Regarding the Staple piece, I feel like its a grass is greener scenario. When track suits were in style (yes, they were to a degree) Adidas was cool, but Kappa was more exclusive. Ask a Native European and Kappa was the crap Chav brand. When Mavi jeans hit here, a native Turkish friend of mine laughed them off as the low end “lee jeans” of Turkey. Carhartt is popular in America with utilitarian work wear, but in other countries they just care about the fact that its American. Maybe the brief time when Carhartt was cool in the early 90’s Hip Hop scene started the fire, and the euro brand took off and never stopped. Levis is inherently American, so that alone in other countries makes is desirable. In Germany the taxi cabs are Mercedes and BMW’s. Here they are the luxury car. I doubt the Ford Crown Victoria is considered desirable anywhere.

  2. Ardelean says:

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have made reference to the companies being “cool” in certain countries. Staple’s examples aren’t so much a matter of perception, as the examples you stated are.

    Staple’s piece is more about the brands being fundamentally different in different countries. The actual product, manufacturing, quality, and brand directions are completely different from the US to Europe and Asia.

  3. Ryan C. says:

    Nice jeans Mike, gotta break em’ right? As for the Carhartt stuff being less desirable here in the states that would all depend on what is “hot” or “in” at the moment. I reckon flannels will make a comeback this winter and we’ll see more traditional colors in the mix… I hope.

  4. Steven says:

    I doubt many Americans will be able to see Carhartt as cool when it’s like all they sell at Ranch and Home. They’re purely redneck clothes as far as I’ve ever seen.

  5. smoovebert says:

    When I lived in Sydney (for a minute), I still kind of slept on Carhartt for a bit even though I know I’d seen dope Carhartt stuff in foreign magazines when I was in the US. Sure enough, I went in the Carhartt shop and they did have tons of cool shit. Mind-boggling how different the stuff is from the same label in different countries…

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