francis delapena

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This was an interesting day, and I was definitely glad I had a camera.

A bunch of people had gotten together at Greyboy’s house one weekend to chill. As you may or may not know, Greyboy has a very nice and respected house, along with some little ramps that can easily be pulled into the street for ultimate shredding.

Sometime during (or maybe before??) the session on the quarter and the grind box out front, the idea arose that someone should ride off the carport roof (which is flat) into the quarter in the street. It seemed feasible enough. Ultimately, Francis Delapena stepped up.

After some eyeballing from the roof, the stage was set and numerous neighbors had gathered. Greyboy’s pickup was backed up into the quarter so it wouldn’t move, and Francis proceeded to strap on his motorcycle¬†scooter helmet (for safety and comedic purposes). To me, the sketchiest part was avoiding the cars once he landed, cuz there was no guessing how fast he would be going. The first attempt didn’t go so smooth as he bailed in mid-air, but the second which you see above, went perfect.

To paraphrase Ben Ward, “I bet Edward Killingsworth never envisioned that.”

Peep some video HERE.


  1. s.bros says:

    Andy, if you had half a sack, you’d have dropped in on the sidehack, right after Francis nailed that ism.

  2. Bev says:

    Traders do pay direct and oblique costs.