Brian Kachinsky, who is currently on Road Fools, hooks up some random iPhone photos.

Click below to check them out.

The Etnies bus often attracts passers-by to stop. Usually its people who skate or BMX, or are just fans of Etnies stuff. Today was no exception, a couple girls stopped by demanding a T-shirt. Of course, Big Daddy immediately peels the one off his back and bargains with the girl, eventually ending in her scoring a shirt and him scoring a fresh new bottle of tanning lotion. Sounds like a good trade right? To each their own…

I always question the health code standards at Waffle House restaurants (I can barely classify it a restaurant) but as I was about to dine at one the other morning I saw a man run out of the front door and projectile vomit is waffle and hash browns all over the parking lot. I’m both mad and glad that this photo is a bit out of focus.

I did a double take when I saw this window paint. I guess I expected it to say “Prom 2009″ or ” Go Rockets! Good Luck at State”. Instead they decided to step it up a few notches. Definitely an easy way to avoid tailgaters.

I’m currently on the Etnies vs. Kink Road Fools trip. Big Daddy is along for the ride. Here he is doing some “off axis lifting” using some kids that stopped by the bus to get some free stickers. I guess you have to improvise when there aren’t any weights around.

I was in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago, and as I walk into Catfish’s hotel room I see this scene.


  1. mitch says:

    dracu-duck will eat your babies. haha

  2. Catfish is like a modern day Pee Wee Herman.

  3. Bret Miller says:

    big daddy is hallarious

  4. says:

    All sorts of investments come with sure dangers.