The recent issue of Complex had a G-Shock ad featuring Blackman (photo above), which was kinda random but cool. The photo was awesome too. If you recall, Adam made some allegations about the ad…

Anyway, so I was browsing Nah Right, and noticed a little ad with a snippet of the above pic, which I clicked on (ad’s work!!!!). This led me to a G-Shock tough riders page, and onto Blackman’s team page where there are some photos, an interview and a little edit that you can check out below.

4 responses to “BLACKMAN”

  1. Ryan C. says:

    That purple rail-hop is wild.

  2. Zack/RGNT says:

    Posted it like, 3 days ago on RGNT, dammit. Haha.

  3. allegations are true…

  4. says:

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