Here is the latest Big Big BMX show featuring some random chick, and a new Animal promo.

Click below.

13 responses to “BIG BIG ANIMAL CHICK SHOW”

  1. snakebite says:

    every one of those animal clips made me say “Damn!”

  2. carlito brigante says:

    glenn is funny. this is entertaining.

  3. ryan says:

    girl was bangin….

  4. Fuck you Glen for no Chris Duncan Clothing shout. Fuck You!

  5. AND FUCK MAGOO’s right of passage to not say what you want on the blogs.
    Magoo said, only say on a blog what you wouldn’t say to a dude with a couple of drinks in him.
    Fuck that !
    Fuck the bull shit.
    I love the good men of bmx every one else can SUCK MY BALLS …Including Glen

  6. Dunk says:

    Man i love these!! New Animal vid is gonna be crazy! i wanna see more Britney too!! 🙂

  7. DavidLang says:

    That was actually pretty entertaining. And the new Animal promo is fuckin’ banging.

  8. Thats that one babe thats an OC Lokedawg? weird.

  9. Sean Zubek says:

    Animal promo was really good… First clip was nuts!

  10. Zack/RGNT says:

    These things are sooo good.
    The girl was a good addition. I’m convinced BMX dudes are significantly hornier than regular dudes. Hahah.

  11. I think i’m too old to take this “show” seriously. Totaly aimed at spotty 14 years olds, lol. Animal promo is sick. Best Team in BMX?

  12. That is true for funding advice as well.