Bentley Continental Supersports


621 horsepower, 590 ft. lbs. of torque, satin finished, flex fueled, reduced weight, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, and NO CHROME.

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4 responses to “Bentley Continental Supersports”

  1. I was never into that body style—give me an old Continental T any day:

  2. Ardelean says:

    Yes I love that Continental T as well, as it seemed to fit better with the rest of the Bentley line with its square shape.

    But the GT has grown on me, and there’s something awesome about a company like Bentley adding more of a baddass factor to the build quality, exclusivity and luxury that they already have on lock. Even though they have a strong race heritage, most people just think of Bentley as over-the-top luxury, so blacked-out trim and black mesh grills and racing seats might be a curveball to the average rich guy.

    Also I love that Bentley and Jaguar are still placing so much emphasis on interiors while the Germans are slipping in that department.

  3. The Continental GT still doesn’t seem like a Bentley to me. Or maybe it just seems like a “chick Bentley,” if that’s even possible. Blame Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. If money were no object, I’d build the baddest, blackest Rolls-Royce Phantom on the planet.

  4. Ardelean says:

    Ha! I’ve been seeing a lot of RR Drop Heads lately that, if I squint and imagine more black, look a lot like what you are describing.

    Yes blame those chicks for ruining the image of the Continental… but we could say that about 70% of Mercedes drivers, 60% of Porsche drivers and a good 90% of new BMW drivers… so oh well.

    Without question the latest Brooklands is the baddest truest Bentley out.