Check out this rad video. Not so much for the song, but for the visuals. That one part surprised me. It’s funny, I did a search for Keith Loutit here, and Harrison posted on him a few months back, but I don’t think this video was up then.

Courtesy of Keith Loutit

Via- wearenotyou

9 responses to “BATHTUB IV”

  1. Mike says:

    That’s sweet. The ‘pseudo depth of field’ makes everything look like a model.

  2. Vince says:

    That depth of field is from using a tilt-shift lens, which allows you to control the perspective.

  3. Harrison says:

    The Helicopter stuff was amazing!

  4. Andrew says:

    very nice! man when that guy got taken out from that wave… what a sight to catch with such a good angle. (sorry for that guy though)

  5. Ryan F says:

    Was the man in the water planned? How else would he have gotten the fall in the water, the rescue, and the landing/family reunion? Amazing still.

  6. Landon says:

    His other pieces are really cool too, but this one has a “story” which makes the tilt shift/timelapse technique stand out. I can’t wait to see him direct a music video or something 🙂

  7. Yeah man, that had to be planned. Awesome regardless, love this dudes work.

  8. nick says:

    what is THAT SONG!!!!!

  9. Susana says:

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