The video after the jump documents two different people drawing the alphabet and it got me super stoked.  I think it has to do with a few things… One, seeing the typography guy (dad) write some amazing letters. Two, the enjoyment I got out of how care-free the kid was when it came to his letters. And three, the fact that I was working on similar stuff all day… (via Yimmys Yayo)

Check out the video after the jump –

6 responses to “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP”

  1. Evan says:

    I was really into that!!

  2. Brad H. says:

    So good. The dad is really amazing at hand lettering and the kid created some really interesting letter forms too. I was reading about some hand lettering today in the House Industries book.

  3. Ben says:

    I’m a primary school teacher in the UK and i loved seeing the differences in the two approaches to writing the letters. it reminds me of watching the kids at school learning to write. Brilliant Video

  4. Andrew says:

    good stuff!

  5. Risto says:

    Roel is a friend and used to be my tutor at school. a rad guy!

  6. kiki says:

    BRAVO !
    I too, like Evan, was really into that !!