Thru You

thru you youtube mashup music album

Smoovebert just sent this over and while we are on the topic of posting cleaver internet shit, I thought everyone would enjoy this. It’s a mash-up of youtube clips mixed together to create a whole album. I thought it was just one track, but no… an album. I tried to just listen to it in the background, but the clips are almost as good as the music. I’m really digging the site as well…

Check out Thru You here.

5 responses to “Thru You”

  1. bdubbs says:

    You killed their site! They have to be stoked, haha.

  2. Jason- says:

    Yeah man the sites dead. It got blown up!! ha! Thanks for the link tho’. Sounds amazing!

  3. dude i tripped when i saw this, i had to sit there and watch the whole thing, i tried to work with it on in the background – no chance

  4. smoovebert says:

    it’s back up!

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