Click below to check out the trailer for the upcoming Sunday video, entitled Up Up and Away.


Here is the trailer for the upcoming Sunday video.

24 responses to “SUNDAY!- UP UP AND AWAY TRAILER”

  1. smoovebert says:

    yep. i liked that.

  2. every other filmer says:

    Chad Shak just needs to quit filming. That has so much potential and just looks so bad. I love to look at every wall or the ground around a spot.

  3. cdub says:

    Its a natural transition, what are you looking for – all jump cuts? Shit looks good.

  4. dissapointed says:

    it makes me sad knowing that the sunday video is being filmed on rollerblades

  5. Drew K says:

    Should of just got Joe Cox to film it. I dont see all the fuss about Chad Shack’s filming, its nothing special to me. But the riding was good and thats all that matters. Looking forward to this vid!

  6. Marko says:

    There’s a reason why Sunday wants him to make the video, its because he’s an amazing filmer. And filming on rollerblades? There’s a reason he does it, because it looks 20 times better then when its done on a bike. If you think you can do better, then go out and do it.

    All in all, AMAZING!

  7. Andrew says:

    Shack’s got his own style of filming and I think it fits Sunday’s image pretty well. Cox is a good filmer and editor but is good in his own style, I really don’t think that his filming style would fit in well with Sunday’s image at all.

    I thought the trailer was great, hopefully Sunday does some sort of downloadable, high res version at some point so we won’t have to deal with the 24P strobe that is inevitably going to happen on a TV set.

  8. kyle stark says:

    wackelburg will ruin this video. how many fade from the sky and film the ground transitions can you possibly use in one edit? terrible.

  9. Wutz says:

    He’s filming, huh? You think he’s shooting 35mm or 16mm? Kodak?

    First of all, if everyone’s going to talk about Shack’s ability to produce a good video, you’ve got to use the right terminology. He might be out shooting, or taping, or clockin’ footy (like the kids say), but he’s not filming.

    I’m pretty sure Sunday could find better things to spend their money on than the extremely costly process of developing the film, scanning every film negative into a 24 or more frame-per-second photo sequence, then having it converted to a useable file type.

    Video ≠ Film

    Since that’s out of the way:

    I personally didn’t sit and look for these “pan to ground/object” transitions so I didn’t really notice ’em too much; not enough to bother me anyway. Maybe it would get to me after a whole 45 minutes of it, but it didn’t start to kill me in this trailer.

    I dug the it, it felt fun and surreal. I’d say it was effective.

  10. francis says:

    while you guys were worrying about rollerblades and ground transitions, somebody was riding their bike over a giant baseball!

  11. doug says:

    why is it that bmx filmers insist on filming with rollerblades?

  12. Andrew says:

    Wutz, where has the definition of filming been strictly confined to shooting on film? Saltbag.

  13. Marko says:

    Hahaha sorry for not using the correct terminology Wutz.

    And Doug is there a rule written somewhere that BMX videos have to be filmed on BMX bikes, it would be like surfing videos being filmed on surfboards, yeaaaaaa makes a whole lot of sense, it looks alot easier to film while sitting on a boat or a helicopter, same with BMX it’s alot easier to film lines on rollerblades then on a BMX.

  14. doug says:


    rollerblades really seem to work that well. look at who uses them. glenn pp and chad shack, they seem to be really popular. chads filming destroyed the odyssey video and glenns took down nike. rollerblades seem real cool.

  15. Andrew says:

    I think the bitterness about rollerblades comes from the general consensus that rollerblades are pretty gay. Yeah, I’m not into aggressive inline (does it even exist anymore?) but implying that rollerblades shouldn’t be used for BMX filming is kind of ridiculous. You might as well say that dollies shouldn’t be used, or cranes, or any other type of filming device besides the human body.

    I think a lot of the haters on the rollerblades just don’t like the videos mentioned and found a coincidence to capitalize on. Rollerblades aren’t the REAL reason for your dislike of the Odyssey and Nike videos, I can almost assure you of that.

  16. That trailer kicked ass, it had a fun vibe and it looked clean as a dick. Effective and slammed with Sunday feel good shreddin. Why’s everyone hating on Shack’s ability? You dudes need to go shred instead of scanning web edits for transitions and non sense that no one cares about.

  17. Nick says:

    haha, ridiculousness

  18. sergio ruiz says:

    sunday guadalajara…

  19. ihatehaterz says:

    moany little twats ^ ^ ^ all above

  20. ihatehaterz says:

    just watch the video and shut up

  21. FCKINYES says:

    HA, they should have Joe Simon Filming this!

  22. FCKINYES says:

    but this is still sick^

  23. says:

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