nine-ninety bmx magazine zine

Jared Souney just posted a PDF of a one-off magazine that he put together with Brian Tunney sometime around 1998 titled Nine-Ninety. It’s pretty crazy to check out all the photos and see how many dudes are not riding any more or they are just people I’ve never heard of. I wonder if one day, we are going to be re-publishing our blogs and reminiscing about how rad websites were like how people talk about zines today… hmmm…..

Check out Souney and Tunney’s magazine here.

4 responses to “Nine-Ninety”

  1. Jason- says:

    That’s pretty funny you’d mention that about Blogs becoming archived the way a ‘zine is now. I was just thinking that yesterday when I was going through photos/topics from the old Merit blog. (which is now gone, but might be back up this spring?)

  2. Nick says:

    Hell yeah, Holy shit! My favorite mag I wish it went past issue 1! When I got that newsprint gem at Impact i was so psyched!

  3. Nick says:

    Also, I just looked at it again. John Wasik!

  4. says:

    This is true for funding recommendation as well.