Julius Schulman


I like old things. Julius Schulman is 99 years old, the Case Study #22 house he made so famous is 49 years old, and this article is 2 years old.

Google Image Julius Schulman for a quick look at the work of the man who so stylishly publicized Los Angeles mid century modernism.

6 responses to “Julius Schulman”

  1. Thanks for that Mike! great stuff!

  2. smoovebert says:

    there’s shulman photos of the (thormin) house in k-town that i used to live in, apparently. unfortunately they’re in a $300 book that I have yet to see in person.


  3. colton says:

    so good, the movie teaser was so awesome,
    “Well I do, and thats why people like my photography”

  4. DavidLang says:

    Great post!!! That documentary looks amazing, gotta find it.

  5. Jason- says:

    Documentary looks really good! If there is one thing that comes to mind when I think of L.A., it’s the houses that have been photographed by Julius. I really want to see that film.

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