Click HERE to check out some rad photo series from Joseph O. Holmes.

I’m feeling the “Workspace” and “CBGB” series. That’s pretty much what I remember CB’s looking like, but not so bright.

2 responses to “JOSEPH HOLMES PICS”

  1. Joe says:

    Jim —

    Thanks for the sweet comments.

    I went into CBGB for five or six days during its last month in 1996 to shoot that series, and even in the middle of the day the place was extremely dark. My shots brighten things up a bit with extremely long exposures, some as long as 20 seconds, in order to get the details. But the one thing the camera could not capture was the sickly sweet smell of beer that permeated everything. I had to throw my clothes in the washer when I got home every afternoon.

  2. Everette says:

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