Joey Cobbs Autophoto

joey cobbs autophoto

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve done an Autophoto, but we are back at it and psyched to bring your a great series of photos from Joey Cobbs!

Check out Joey’s Autophoto here.

15 responses to “Joey Cobbs Autophoto”

  1. Doughnut says:

    Somebody find this dude a job! Best pics out in a LONG time!

  2. Brendan says:

    last photo is so good, how could people hate?

  3. Jason- says:

    Nice work Joey!

  4. fro says:

    yo Joey member when you popped open my cam and exposed the film from my trip to LA years back? hahaha…

  5. Walter Braverman says:

    Honesbro’s sick

  6. brendan! says:

    dope pics, mad typos

  7. DayMay says:

    wow, that has got to be some of the best photography i’ve ever seen, absolutely amazing

  8. shino says:

    real nice flicks, props!! his name is MARLON…

  9. Duncan says:

    Great shots, Joey. The Honesto bail shot is all time. I thought it was a “candid” bail, but I guess it’s framed up a little too nicely to not be planned. The red head model w/the bicycle makes me want to take my eyes out with a spoon. Too fine.

  10. cj says:

    Yo Joey, where is that last photo taken…Ann Arbor?

  11. Wutz says:

    This is an odd comment/question, especially on someone’s autophoto, but does anyone have the links to any of the photographers’ websites Harrison (I think) posted about a year ago? I’m looking specifically for the photographer who did a bunch of industrial architecture/landscape night and long-exposure work.

    I couldn’t find it on the site (I assume because of the crash last September-ish).



    Leave a comment after this one if you have it or know where I could find it.


  12. Parker says:

    Love the photos, and the sassy captions Joey.
    That shot of Jake reminds me of the Matrix, maybe it’s the slight Keanu resemblence. Ha!
    Can’t wait for Bay Street.

  13. Joey Cobbs says:

    that photo of jake taking the header was shot in San Jose, at the courthouse. The other photo of Jake is in SF.

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