1-Wouldn’t Get Far – The Game f.Kanye West
2-Something On – Tragically Hip
3-Over Your Shoulder – Dinosaur Jr.
4-On The Run – Pink Floyd
5-Accept Yourself – The Smiths
6-Chronic 2008 – Young Buck
7-Sorry About That – Alkaline trio
8-Love Hate – Master P
9-Frisco Stand Up ft Ya boy – San Quinn
10- Slow Down – Wyclef Jean

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4 responses to “JASON ENNS: iPOD SHUFFLE 10”

  1. Mo says:

    The worst. All of it. All i got to say is kanye

  2. Greg says:

    No Doors?

  3. colin says:

    pink floyd!!!!!

  4. Reagan says:

    Monetary advisors business is people business.