Josh Sperber, owner of Bay Area’s Hella Tight hat brand (and Defgrip fan), sent through some caps for our melons. Thanks dudes!!!

At first, the name didn’t ring a bell, but once I saw the branding/designs, it all clicked. The hats arrived in that solid black box, and appear to be built real nice and with good details. Check them out below.

For more info, here is Hella Tights blog.


click to see bigger.

Thanks to Francis Delapena for the pics.

3 responses to “HELLA TIGHT”

  1. Ryan C. says:

    Do they have a store down in SF? Or is it only online based as of right now?

  2. Alex Manning says:

    They don’t have their own store. I think they are in True but not sure. I do know there website is clean and hassle free.

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