It looks like Grindstate will be back at it soon.

As of now, they have a very NYC promo video up, as well as a prelaunch mixtape that you can download. I enjoyed it, and if you like hip hop, you will enjoy as well. Some Doom?? Yeah.

9 responses to “GRINDSTATE”

  1. Adam22 says:

    Shino, you’re a faggot, and don’t you forget it.

  2. Andrew says:

    I can’t wait for the site to come back for that edgy hip hop street lingo!

  3. sdfsdfsdf says:

    its about damn time

  4. Jason- says:

    This looks promising.

  5. kwanza says:

    adam 22, I think you are a bit full of yourself, and maybe a bit too big for your britches. your not the toughest nigga on the block. just cause your big and covered in tattoos doesnt mean you cant bleed.

    excited to see this back in action.

    grindstate, was always a favorite of mine.

  6. Yello says:

    grindstate will be back in full force!

  7. bigdruesone says:

    adam22 your gona catch a buck 50 across your face, you better watch your mouth. grindstate all day.

  8. AlexBlanks says:

    Lolz. Where are you now? hows the shit pushin going?

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