With Twitter reaching critical mass, I’m sure someone will be into this.

Grain Edit put together a list of 50+ of their favorite designers on Twitter. Check that out HERE.

And check me out HERE if you want to get your follow on.

Related- Adam put up a list of BMX people on Twitter recently too.

5 responses to “50+ DESIGNERS ON TWITTER”

  1. Albert says:

    No offense to anyone who’s obsessed with it, but I think twitter is killing society. Not by driving further apart physically, but mentally. As we start writing every moment of our lives down, not for posterity’s sake, but because we believe someone cares, each of us end up in the front of our own minds, pushing others back into the obscurity of subconciousness. I’ve been told by several people I should get a twitter account; they claim I’ll get addicted to it after one “tweet”. I seriously doubt I will. I understand certain people have something something reminicent of twitter (bands in the midst of recording an album, for example), but, for the rest of us, it’s doesn’t make much since. I know twitter isn’t the only thing causing our narcissism and cocooning, but it’s what has made it evident to me, having not noticed before. I’m 16, so it’s pretty much all I’ve ever known. I must also mention the detrimental effect of the 140 word limit. By only allowing us to post small snippets at a time, we are more concerned with getting as much on twitter as we do on any other social networking sites. Eventually, some of us can get a bit self-centered, posting everything. Just saying.

  2. Adam22 says:

    ^^^ Not overthinking this or anything.

  3. adam23 says:

    ^^ it’s what happens when someone is not restricted in his thought process by a word count. His ability to think also prevents him from stating to be into racist bands. Sometimes overthinking is preferred over ignorance or something.

  4. Reta says:

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