Giant Camo

mosh bmx camo ad

Mike Dytri, who’s been doing the art direction for MOSH/Giant BMX for the past 8 years, just posted a few photos of his new Giant Method on the blog for his clothing company, Ludwig. He had his bike custom painted by Heath Pinter and it’s looking dope. He also posted an old Mosh ad with Heath Pinter’s custom camo frames he did years back. I’ve always loved Mosh’s ads and it’s rad to see the camo one again!

Check it out on the Ludwig blog.

6 responses to “Giant Camo”

  1. Andrew says:

    i wasn’t into design when i remember that ad popping up in ride us, but i wish i was! that ad is killer!

  2. Sam Arellano says:

    Hmmm, brings back memories. Good times.

  3. joecookie says:

    Circa 97 Standard Byke co camo was WAY better.

  4. really says:

    WAAAAAAY better

  5. Rafael says:

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