New DOOM is out today, gonna pick it up later. Hope its good.

12 responses to “DOOM”

  1. shuturmum says:

    leaked 2 weeks ago, its dope. some of the production is next level

  2. Harrison says:

    listening to it right now… first run through is damn good…

  3. Matthew says:

    Caught the leak. Listening to it as I logged onto defgrip. It’s a sign. Super good!

  4. Joshua says:

    Worth the cop? Or download?
    I’m pretty skint so only if you REALLY recommend I’ll buy haha.

  5. choko says:

    not as great as his previous outings and definitely not as great as the 3-year anticipation would have you hoping it would be (dang) .. but i was wrong on the last kanye album 5 listens in, hope this grows on me as well

  6. Drew K says:

    I cant wait to see Joe Cox Edit to these songs. Ha. DOOM/Madvillian is the only new rap I can tolerate.

  7. Joshua says:

    Download it is then.

  8. albertmercado says:

    i cant fricken wait!

  9. Definitely buy it—support the labels and artists that actually put out decent stuff. I downloaded it a few days before it came out, then bought it yesterday. It’s no Doomsday! (or Vaudeville Villain, or even Take me to Your Leader), but it’s worth dropping the $10 at Best Buy.

  10. sam says:

    I thought It was pretty average, hip-hop isnt as timeless anymore – like binary star, that shit will never get old.

  11. Joshua says:

    I agree Russ definately, I try my hardest to buy music that I think will help the artist and label. Heck, all of my collection is underground – that’s what keeps me sane. None of this mainstream garble.

    I’ll download and buy if necessery! 😀

  12. Lettie says:

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